Grandmas who kick butt

Danielle Henderson has recently begun writing for Seattle’s The Stranger, and I really like her stuff. But on Valentine’s Day, thanks to a posting from Danielle to the Stranger’s newsblog, I became a total fanboy of Danielle’s 81-year-old grandmother, who is quoted twice in Danielle’s post in reaction to an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal written by Susan Patton. (Patton is the “Princeton Mom” who wrote the open-letter to women at the college advising them to be concerned about their “shelf life” as a desirable wife. Patton has since landed a book deal and gets asked to write for the Wall Street Journal, bless her heart.)

First, Danielle tells us the best advice she ever got from her grandmother:

“Don’t marry the first guy you have sex with, always make your own money, and for god’s sake get a f—ing education!”

Then, after reading an excerpt from Patton’s editorial, Dannielle’s grandmother’s reaction is:

“Who the hell wants to end up with a man that doesn’t want you because you’re smart? Don’t date dummies and you won’t have a problem.”

Someone needs to offer Danielle’s grandmother a book deal. I’d much rather read her advice than Patton’s.

You can read Danielle’s entire post about Patton’s latest drivel here.

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