I remember thinking about it

Lynx looking for something in the grass.
“I left it hear somewhere…” (photo from http://www.sparselysageandtimely.com)
I was reading something. Probably on my computer—although it could easily have been my phone or iPad. Whatever I was reading made me think that I really needed to update my Twitter profile. Specifically, I needed to change my name. And I had a really good reason why I needed to do it and why I wanted to make sure that I remembered to do it.

I have remembered all of that, most particularly the part about thinking, quite firmly to myself, that I need to remember this.

But I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was I needed to change my Twitter name to, nor why I wanted to do it, nor why I thought it was so important to remember to change it.

I wracked my brain for hours later that night, trying to recall what it was. I tried to remember what I had been reading. I browsed some of my usual news sites. I flipped through pages on my news reader.

I can’t remember.

Clearly, if it were truly important, I would remember it, right?

Except that is only true if the only things that you define as really important are life and death matters. In the big picture, having a twitter account at all isn’t really important, so something such as what my screen name associated with the account is at any given time isn’t that important.

But it is going to drive me crazy trying to remember it.

And the way this usually goes, I’ll remember it. If I remembered it sometime in the next few days, it is almost certain I will do so when I’m in the middle of something. Probably something at work. Something more important. Something I shouldn’t interrupt to write this down so I won’t forget it again.

Otherwise, I’m not going to remember until weeks, or months, or possibly years from now, when I’m going to be working on something else and suddenly, for a weird corner of my brain, a voice will say, “Hey, remember when we thought we should change our Twitter handle that one time, but couldn’t remember what we wanted to change it to? Well, here it is.”

And I am willing to bet serious money that if I do remember it a long time from now, I won’t remember why I wanted to change it to that, and therefore I’ll wonder why I thought it was important to remember, and why I spent sooooo much time pulling my hair out trying to remember what it was that I was going to…

…um, wait. What was I talking about?

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