Friday Links! (for a 3-day weekend!)

It’s Friday!

It’s Friday again! Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

New York roomies return $41,000 found in thrift-store couch.

Curbing Online Abuse Isn’t Impossible. Here’s Where We Start. How one enormous gaming community actually reduced online harassment.

The Art of the Title: Rockford Files. A nice look at the design of an awesome title sequence.

Artifact of the month: Disk of Enheduanna. Part of the Ur Digitization Project.

Americans Claim to Attend Church Much More Than They Do.

Maine: State ethics investigators recommend national anti-gay-marriage group be fined $50,250. They broke the law in ’09 by not registering as a political group and then spent at least $2,000,000 on the campaign. They refused to disclose their donors, also as required by law. They lost every appeal, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and have missed multiple deadlines to file tax information. Yet they still insist that theirs is the moral high ground?

400-plus years for gang rape of targeted lesbian. A good, long time…

Twitter joke took five years to pull off — but totally worth it for Rocky Horror fans.

Found: the dinosaur that survived a mass extinction.

Uncovered Papers Show Past Government Efforts to Drive Gays From Jobs
. What’s kind of surprising about this article is 1) how recent some of this is, and 2) just how casually they hurl around blatantly awful ideas in these official memos.

Maine report suggests NOM violated laws in other states, lied to government authorities. As Gomer would say, “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”

Yu recites oath, becomes first openly gay justice on Wash. state Supreme Court

Strange Findings on Comb Jellies Uproot Animal Family Tree.

Sailor Neptune and Uranus Come Out of the Fictional Closet. The gay content isn’t news to Anime fans, but the new English releases that no longer hide is are welcome.

I Don’t Want to Die Alone. It’s not just tuxes and cakes…

Why Chess Will Destroy Your Mind. This article from an 1859 Scientific American may surprise you.

Local Lawmaker Compares Gays To Nazi Youth.

Snake Species That Went Missing For 78 Years Is Found.

92-year-old Texas woman denied photo ID to vote: “Not to be able to vote breaks my heart”.

House Science Committee Asked Some Very Non-Scientific Questions at the Astrobiology Hearing.

Yay for same-sex marriage, but ….

‘You guys are HUSBANDS?’: Boy’s incredulous (but adorable) reaction to meeting a gay couple for the first time.

I wrote about a sort of recent historic event: “…that mountain top is sure to blow!”.

Arcade Fire – We Exist (and who knew Andrew Garfield would make a hot transgirl?_:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

KOGA “Lucky Man” Directed By Emile Hirsch:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Pentatonix – Love Again [Official Video]:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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