We aren’t the demonic ones


Pastor Manning’s infamous sign now warns about sell-out negroes and demonic homos

Pastor Manning is at it again. And I understand why no one should be surprised, except this sign means more than it appears to. The sign went up a day author, civil rights activist (not to mention former actress, singer, and many other things) Maya Angelou, died. Angelou was an African American who fought for the civil rights of many minorities, not just other African Americans, and was notably an early supporter of including gay and lesbian civil rights in the fight. And she owned a home not far from Manning’s church. And Manning’s sign is visible from front door of the Apollo Theatre, which had just changed the message on its famous marquee to honor Dr. Angelou. It doesn’t seem too much of a stretch, then, to conclude that the sign’s reference to “pinch nosed sell-out negroes” is meant to be a slam on the Maya Angelou.

The other interesting thing to note on the sign is the date of the “next meeting” given on the sign. June 2nd is not a Sunday, it’s Monday night. The same night that another nearby institution, the Ali Forney Center (“Housing for Homeless LGBT Youth”) which opened a new shelter near the church the same night Manning’s sign went up. And the Ali Forney Center is having a rally to raise money for more shelters for queer homeless teens on the evening of June 2.

Manning and his church sign have featured in several of my previous posts, where he warned about white homo devils steal black men from good black women, where he proclaimed that Jesus would be stoning homos to death if he were here now, and so on. And people have argued that we should just ignore him, because he’s just crazy and the only people listening to him are crazy, et cetera.

Here’s why I especially can’t do that in this instance: Manning and scores of other ministers like him (and the “crazy” people who listen to him) are the reason that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans children are thrown out of their homes by their own parents. Manning tells these parents that their gay kids are sinners. He tells them that their gay children are demonic. He tells them that their gay children will molest their own brothers and sisters unless they are driven from their homes.

He is one of the reasons that the majority of homeless teens are non-heterosexual. He’s one of the reasons that so many of those homeless teens are murdered on the streets every year. He’s on of the reasons that so many queer teens commit suicide rather than risk telling their parents that they think they might be gay.

And he’s planning a special service to pray for the failure of a charity event intended to raise money to help a fraction of those teens beat the odds and survive.

He is an evil, evil man. And it is immoral for us to stand silently by while such evil men perpetuate their evil.

I’m just a fat, old white homo living on the other side of the continent from this particular evil man. And this is just one very small blog. But I’ll use what voice I have. And I’ll make a donation to the Ali Forney Center as well as one to the local YouthCare.

And I’ll urge (and plead) that anyone who reads this does the same.

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