Friday Links, Pride 2014 Edition!’s Friday! The last Friday in June! Tomorrow is the 45th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, generally accepted as the start of the modern gay rights movement. That means that tomorrow is the 44th Anniversary of the first ever Gay Pride March! Happy Pride!

In case you have managed to get to this blog without knowing this, I’m a gay man, married to a gay man, so this is basically our High Holy Days. Pardon us if we take to heart the words of Miss Coco Peru: “…live a life that’s out, proud, and just a little bit ridiculous.” So be warned, this week’s links are even more rainbow-colored than usual.

Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

12 Kick-Ass Gay Women In Comics And Graphic Novels.

The Moment A Gay Couple Dared To Kiss In The Face Of Hate .

Dr. McMurtrie and the Gay Kiss. How a doctor studying sexuality in 1914 described and defined the relationships.

Op-ed: My First Grand Marshal Experience and the Meaning of LGBT Pride. Being Key West’s grand marshal gave Rob Smith a new perspective on small-town America.

Photographs Document Hidden LGBT Relationships From The Early 20th Century.

Tenth Circuit Court Rips Apart Right-Wing’s Bogus ‘Religious Freedom’ Argument Against Gay Marriage.

Transgender People: Strangers in Gay Land.

LOUISIANA: Judge Surprises By Deciding To Consider Full Marriage Equality As Well As Out-Of-State Recognition.

WATCH INDIANA’S FIRST GAY MARRIAGE: VIDEO. Note: the website has the video set to auto-play

Gay Pride in the 1950s: The Photo Booth as a Safe Space.

Kidnapped for Christ: New film exposes the horrors of gay conversion therapy.

Internalized Homophobia: The Next LGBT Fight After Same-Sex Marriage.

Gay marriage battle hinged on a great love story. Edie and Thea…

A Photographic Look at the Birth of Gay Pride.

Fabulous Photos From One of America’s Longest-Running Gay Prom.

PHOTOS: Meet the First Trans Man Crowned ‘Mr. Gay Philadelphia’.

The Mormon Church Just Excommunicated Another Feminist.

Last Month Was The Hottest May In Recorded History.

GOP House Candidate: Islam Not A Religion, Not Protected By Constitution.

Black Parents, Gay Sons, and Redefining Masculinity.

College student at LGBT rally: It’s OK to be gay in Huntsville, not rest of state.

Making Comics More And More Gay – The Hernandez Brothers, Kate Leth, And Terry Moore Talk LGBT Characters At Heroes Con 2014.

FRC is an extremely deceitful org: Example #1,234,234,921.

Social Security agency shows why Supreme Court must act on gay marriage.

Almost No Night in the Northwest.

Why Believing In Astrology Is Not As Harmless As You Think.

Black hole made peek-a-boo galaxy go mysteriously dark.

6 Amazing Cephalopod Species You Didn’t Know Existed.

Show Me Your Pride – By Miss Coco Peru:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

International Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer is awesome:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Boyinaband -You look like a girl:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Ferras – Speak In Tongues:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Eli Lieb – Safe In My Hands:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)


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