Sunday Funnies! (part 2)

The second in what may be a long series of me recommending web comics for your perusal.

Since it’s LGBTQ Pride Parade Day here in Seattle (and a lot of other places), I’m going to lead off with a couple of strips with a gay sensibility:

The_Young_Protectors_HALF_BANNER_OUTSIDE_234x601I’ve been following The Young Protectors by Alex Woolfson, Adam DeKraker, and Veronica Gandini since the very beginning. I had been a kickstart funder for Alex Woolfson’s previous project (Artifice) and thus was alerted as he prepared the new project. The Young Protectors is a multi-chapter superheroes comic story. It begins when a young, closeted teen-age superhero who has just snuck into a gay bar for the first time is seen exiting said bar by a not-so-young, very experienced, very powerful, super-villain. Trouble, of course, ensues.

I discovered Vexed Wisecracker by Mike Van Waes a few months back. Classic three-panel format, always worth at least a chuckle.

LessThanAnd if you haven’t already checked out The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal by E.K. Weaver, you really need to. Besides really liking the story and the art, I love the fact that she has notes on the creation of the story, her art references, and other goodies. And did I mention it’s a really good story, and I think, despite the title, that the adventures in question actually are epic?

485333_491614510875731_1326237460_nI started reading: Adventures in Gay by Josh Lieberman about a year ago. I like the original four-panel gag format a lot. Lately he’s been posting videos more often than strips, but they are still quite amusing.

JesusLovesI first looked at Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too by Maria Burnham and Maggie Siegel-Berele just because I liked the title. I also like that they write short stories that are two to four comic book-style pages long, and that it isn’t a gag strip, but still finds moments of humor.

Then there are my usual recs:

I’ve long been a fan of: Mr. Cow, by Chuck Melville… and not just because the artist is a friend!

dm100x80I’m also a big fan of Deer Me, by Sheryl Schopfer. This artist is also a friend.

And I love this impish girl thief with a tail and her reluctant undead sorcerer/bodyguard: Unsounded by Ashley Cope.


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One response to “Sunday Funnies! (part 2)”

  1. Sillymagpie says :

    I’ve been following The Young Protectors, also. The characters are very well written. They are obviously inspired by the Young Avengers, but the writing in TYP is far superior as far as motivation and character development go.

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