They will know you are Christians by your misspelled death threats

So, the author of Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible was scheduled to appear at an Atheist Alliance of America Conference near Seattle, until he received a rather scary pair of death threats in the mail:

Do I have your attention now? You think your so safe to hide behind a fake name to spread lies about God and attacking Christians? You aren’t.

(Spelling errors from the original letter, signed “God’s Little Helper”)

While there is a photo of the first letter at the linked site, the second letter is in police custody. According to the author, while the police agreed the first letter was creepy and they strongly advised that he take precautions to protect himself and his family (including suggesting he hire a bodyguard), the first letter didn’t rise to the level of an actionable threat. Even though it quoted a section of Deuteronomy that included the phrase, “Have no pity, and do not spare or protect them. You must put them to death! Strike the first blow yourself.” The threatening letter also said, “I’ll see you up in Seattle next week. You wont see me.” But apparently that doesn’t constitute, under state law, a threat.

Apparently, however, the second letter did.

I want to point out that his book does not, in fact, contain any lies. The book’s text is lifted straight from the Bible (or in some sections, from the writings of such Christian luminaries as Pat Robertson and Ken Ham) and the children’s book-style illustrations adhere faithfully to that text. The whole point of the book is that these are passages from the Bible that are almost never taught in any Christian school or church. They are very disturbing, or at least uncomfortable, passages.

According to one of the other articles I read on this, a substantial number of the book sales have been to Christian teachers and pastors who use the books to get their congregations to read these more challenging passages of the Bible, and more importantly, discuss them.

Folks like “God’s Little Helper” either are so unfamiliar with their own holy book that they aren’t aware that the text is literally coming out of the Bible, or they’re angry because they think the passages are being distorted somehow.

In any case, even though the conference offered to hire some off-duty police and military personnel to serve as body guards and security, the author decided to cancel his appearance. As he said, he can’t ask other people to put themselves at risk to defend his own lack of belief. On the other hand, a lot of attendees at the convention decided to wear badges that bore the name of the author, as a sign of solidarity.

Proving they’re braver than the person sending anonymous death threats through the mail.


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2 responses to “They will know you are Christians by your misspelled death threats”

  1. raybarnhart1968 says :

    Wow, how disturbing!

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