Who’s the devil, actually?

I had planned to post on several other topics completely unrelated to Pastor Manning and his fellow purveyors of hatred, but then this:

Woman beheaded in Oklahoma attack was grandmother who had just lost her home in tornado as it emerges Muslim attacker was let out of jail early.

Colleen Hufford was a wife, mother, and grandmother who is described by her neighbors and co-workers as quick to smile. Her husband (the man she has been straight-married to for 25 years) was parked outside her place of work waiting to take her home, as he did every day, when she was murdered by a co-worker who appeared intent on a massive killing spree.

Horrible news, right?

But not horrible enough. Pastor Manning has weighed in. In a video rant (posted on his Youtube channel) that is at the same time disgusting and yet somehow mesmerizing in its sheer stupidity, Manning claims that the killer murdered that Oklahoma grandmother because that Oklahoma grandmother was a Sodomite. The killer felt compelled to murder her because she was a lesbian, Pastor Manning explains, which is exactly what lesbians deserve.

Except, of course, that she was married to a man, was a member of Southgate Baptist Church in Moore, Oklahoma (a church that is very active in anti-abortion activities), et cetera, et cetera.

I have no idea why Manning has decided that this woman was lesbian. Other than, of course, because he’s totally obsessed with gay people and seems to have a pathological need to blame anything bad that happens in this country on us.

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