Goals? I thought you said ‘ghouls!’

Cat with a manual typewriter.When I set my goals for the year, I said I’d do regular check-ins. It’s a new month, so I ought to check in.

I tried to set very concrete steps for achieving my goals. Inspired by a friend’s suggestion, I tried to identify a better habit to replace each bad habit. So how am I doing?

Goal: Reduce the outrage.

Step: Listen to the Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me podcast once a week, limit the amount of time I read news during work breaks.

Progress: The Wait! Wait! is back from vacation, and so I listened to at least part of each week’s show. There were a couple of episodes that I stopped specifically because they got onto topics that just wind me up, which is the exact opposite of the effect I was after. I listened to only one or two of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcasts this month. I listened to a lot more music than usual. And I always listen to at least a couple hours of music a day.

Goal: Write more regularly.

Step: Spend the reclaimed break time writing. Find other ways to motivate myself to write rather than twiddle the keys.

Progress: I didn’t get a lot of writing done during my lunches at work. But I did get a couple of new short stories written, plus one story that isn’t a short story.

Goal: See friends for fun more, as opposed to all of my social interactions being driven by various projects.

Step: I tried to just plan a few things.

Progress: Thanks to a few meetings that were well attended, I feel as if I saw more people this month than August, despite having to cancel Writers’ Night due to both of us being contagious. It helped that at the end of the month I got a big group of people together to celebrate my birthday.

I was unable to carve out a time when the second gaming group could get together for a call to finish working on characters, alas.

Goal: Paint, draw, and make music.

Step: Go to the Drink ‘n’ Draw gathers. Set aside some time to sketch each week.

Progress: Methinks that the Drink ‘n’ Draws have faded out. Or maybe everyone just keeps having conflicts.

I did start sketching a couple of small things that are semi-secret, for now.

Sum-up: September has been a difficult month to get things done since ’98. I usually start to get moody as various anniversaries associated with Ray happen in this month. Even if I’m not falling into a mild depression, the fact that this month includes my own birthday whose celebration can become a bit of a distraction. And many years I have at least one convention I want to attend in this month. September is also frequently a time for things to heat up at work. In my industry there are freeze dates during which customers can’t or won’t undertake upgrades or new installations near the end of the year, and both our office, vendors, and customers all have a lot of people taking vacations in the summer causing delays on decisions and deliveries both. So September is where everyone is back on track and in a rush to get stuff finished before mid-November.

This year September was extra special with both of us catching a cold that wiped us out and then lingered forever during the first half of the month (my cough is still not completely gone).

So, I’m a little amazed at all the writing I did get done, even if the specific projects I meant to work on wasn’t where progress was achieved.

October Goals: I haven’t been doing a good job of coming up with new tasks for the above goals, and I realize that I haven’t been mentioning what my specific writing goals are, which might help with my assessment next time. So, here they are:

  • Wrap up edits on a story to post on my writing site and post it.
  • Complete story to submit to the REDACTED.
  • Complete submission for NAF.
  • Complete outlines and other preliminary work for this year’s NaNoWriMo project.
  • Complete the loose ends on the two novels in edit so I can completely ignore them for a month without worrying.

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