A good Halloween

Yes, those are all full-size bars.

Yes, those are all full-size bars.

This was the initial bowl before any kids showed up. We had enough to refill it completely a few times. Yes, those are all full-size bars. My husband likes to say, “Our motto is, ‘fun size isn’t!'” I’m a bit more emphatic, “It is a SIN to hand out fun size candy!”

The Nerds Ropes nearly ran out by the end of the night. The Kit Kats were popular early on, but we had fewer of them and ran out. Every teen-age kid that showed up and took candy had real costumes. The only teen-agers I saw without costumes were each carrying a much younger sibling.

My favorite of the night was the very small child in the most adorable dinosaur costume who could not decide between two candy bars (I think it was a Milky Way Caramel and a Hershey’s Chocolate). When his mom said, “You need to pick one, honey,” I stage-whispered, “Take both!” His grin was incredible. But he also looked up at his mom to make sure it was okay with her. She was, “Wow, that’s so generous!” While I was thinking that seeing a little kid that happy was worth a whole lot more than two candy bars.

There were several other fun ones. A group of four in leopard-print homemade-looking body suits and wearing store bought kitty ears. The teen-ager with a spot-on Shaun of the Dead costume. The rainbow colored fairy. The tiny astronaut with Mom wearing a NASA Ground Crew coveralls.

The only decorations I had put up in advance were two light-up pumpkins in the front window and the light up spider-web. When I got home from picking up Michael, I turned on the oven for the pizzas and started getting out the outdoor extension cords to put up the purple icicle lights around the porch and the pumpkin LED strings on the rails, when Michael announced he was going to the store for more decorations. “I want something pumpkin-y for the porch.”

Now, I’ve had these two ceramic jack o’lantern candle-lanterns for years that I always put on the porch steps. I’m still not sure if he forgot about them (I hadn’t pulled them out of the Halloween decorations bag yet) or if he wanted something bigger. Anyway, he came back with a hanging skeletal bride thing that didn’t light up, but he’d also bought will battery-operated LED “candles.” He also picked up a string of multi-colored strobing lights with bat-shaped reflectors. That were also battery powered.

We clearly had enough lights to attract trick-or-treaters, so that was good.

I need to find some more light-up things that we can put out near the curb, as most of ours older ones died last year. I forgot, actually, until I was unboxing yesterday, or I would have been out looking for stuff earlier in the month.

Still, we got 42 trick-or-treaters total. Which is up from last year. The last few years it’s been trending up again. I would love it if we started getting around a hundred as happened the first few years in Ballard. (If for no other reason that we wouldn’t have so many leftovers!)

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