Weekend Update

I didn’t post as often as usual during November because of NaNoWriMo, and then I was immediately struggling with this year’s Ghost Story (since I read an original Christmas Ghost Story every year at our annual Holiday Party), so I haven’t been posting much other than Friday Links since October. And I’m not going to change that much with this post, which is going to be a few more links related to stories I’ve linked to in recent Friday links.

I’ve posted before about the Salvation Army’s claims that they aren’t a homophobic organization. Well: Here’s The Internal Document The Salvation Army Doesn’t Want You To See.

Technically, this ought to have been among Friday’s links, since the final episode of the Colbert Report was Thursday night, but I didn’t watch the episode until Friday, and I don’t know if the video of the finale was available until Friday afternoon, anyway: See Stephen Colbert’s Epic, Star-Studded Farewell Sing-Along.

Several of us who have been watching the Supreme Court’s response to the marriage equality cases wondered what would happen if a case in a Circuit covered by either Justice Thomas or Scalia came up. Contrary to tradition, the last several times that the full court has refused to grant a stay on a ruling against a same-sex marriage ban, the order has mentioned that Scalia and Thomas wanted to grant the stay. So, when a case came directly to one of them, we didn’t know if that Justice would grant a stay, or if they would refer the request to the full court. Friday afternoon we found out: SUPREME COURT DENIES STAY REQUEST IN FLORIDA GAY MARRIAGE CASE, MARRIAGE EQUALITY SET TO BEGIN JANUARY 5.

People are losing interest in donating to anti-gay causes: Bigotry doesn’t pay: North Carolina anti-gay group $15,000 in debt.

I linked earlier to stories about the Michigan House passing a “License to Discriminate” bill, and many feared the Republican-controlled Senate and Republican Governor would move the law forward. But: Michigan Legislature Ends Year Without the Senate Passing the Right to Discriminate Bill.

The “19 and Counting” family, have lended their show, their fame, their money, and their voices to various rallies and events for the repeal of a gay-rights law, have been claiming to be the victims of discrimination simply because gay people and friends and family of gay people object to their political activities that actually harm gay people. One family member went on an anti-gay radio show and: Audio: Josh Duggar defends anti-gay discrimination, invalidates own point.



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