Weekend update

I linked to a few stories yesterday about the American Family Association and the Republican Party trying to distance themselves from only a small subset of the horrifically anti-gay, anti-jewish, anti-muslim, and misogynist things that Bryan Fischer says every week on his radio show produced and paid for by the AFA by removing him from one of his posts in the organization, specifically Official Spokesperson. But while Fox News is now disavowing Fischer, Equality Matters reminds us of all the times When Fox News Defended Bryan Fischer’s Anti-Gay Extremism.

I also mentioned yesterday several bills filed with the Oklahoma legislature to enshrine more anti-gay discrimination into law. It’s being widely reported that Sally Kern Withdraws Anti-Gay ‘License To Discriminate’ Bill. Unfortunately, she is withdrawing only one of the three anti-gay bills that she’d introduced. Plus, there are seven others from other law makers. So there’s still plenty of anti-gay bigotry on the agenda of the Oklahoma state legislature.

It’s been a while since I reported any of the demented ravings of the “Harlem Hate Pastor” James Manning (his is the church whose sign often has hateful messages) Patheos reports that: James David Manning thinks the next goal after LGBT equality is cannibalism. They include the full video from Manning’s own YouTube channel, if you can stomach listening to him. Oh, and his church is also Harlem Hate Church To Hold Manhattan March Against “Sodomite Cannibals”; that’s right, they’re going to organize a protest march against the gay cannibals!

But wait! It get’s better! This morning Manning posted a new talk on his website and Youtube channel in which he insists that pop idol Justin Bieber is a transgender man who “threw his life away and at 20 years old can’t grow his breasts back.” The rest of his new blast against transgender people is a lot of the usual crazy, so…

Marshawn Lynch during a photo shoot for a an issue of ESPN Magazine last year. Copyright 2014 ESPN.

Marshawn Lynch during a photo shoot for a an issue of ESPN Magazine last year. Copyright 2014 ESPN.

The sports press keeps throwing tantrums that Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like doing press conferences. And the league fines Marshawn and tells him he has to talk to them. So he gives one word answers or just keeps repeating the line, “I’m only here so I don’t get fined.” This is all stupid, because the sorts of questions the reporters ask are never illuminating, the answers the athletes give are almost never illuminating (and it isn’t because the athletes are stupid–there are only so many ways you can say “We performed better today than they did” or “They performed better today than we did”, right?). Anyway, Marshawn gave more than one word answers yesterday: Marshawn Lynch finally speaks, rips media in Super Bowl press conference. This only thing just makes me crazy. His job is to play football, and he does that pretty damn well. *sigh*

Finally, how about some great news? Evangelical Megachurch in Tennessee, Gracepointe, comes out in favor of Marriage Equality. They started a “listening process” with the LGBT community three years ago, and the result was a decision of love and acceptance. Hit the link to read some more and listen to the sermon the pastor gave announcing the change.



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5 responses to “Weekend update”

  1. Sheryl says :

    “His job is to play football, and he does that pretty damn well. *sigh*”

    His job is to entertain, and part of that, in today’s 24-hour-news-constant-coverage age, is to perform interviews and other media coverage activities.

    Or, in his case, to be the rebel who protests doing this frivolous nonsense that contributes nothing to his “real” job. With all the fan response, I would say it is working.

    • fontfolly says :

      I wholeheartedly agree while violently disagreeing.

      I agree that entertaining has always been part of the job. But I emphatically believe that the press conferences and much of what those kinds of sports writers do has absolutely nothing to do with adding entertainment to the process. They are a holdover of the time from before the 24-hour news cycle and more importantly, before the internet made it possible for sports fans to track down infotainment on their favorite players, teams, et cetera any time they want. The press conference rules are NOT designed to improve or increase the amount of information or entertainment, their sole purpose is to preserve the jobs of a subset of the writers and publishers (and on the league side, marketing hacks and most of the non-athletic management) who are afraid to start doing things a new way.

      I don’t doubt that some of what Marshawn is doing is meant theatre, but I think the F-U to the broken system is sincere.

      • Sheryl says :

        Entertaining is “part of the job”? What other service does playing football provide?

        As for press conferences not adding to the entertainment process… you and I are discussing the topic, aren’t we? A month ago, I could not get straight whether the Mariners or the Seahawks were the local football team. Now, even I can name one of the players… even if he is the only one.

        You believe the that press conferences, etc. only exist to provide a subset of non-contributors jobs. I feel the same about the NFL in general. Despite either of our sentiments, the infrastructure grows, because enough of the general public is willing to consume and support it, even if some of us protest otherwise while doing so.

    • fontfolly says :

      All good points. I’m probably completely incorrect. ^_^

      But that’s the problem when non-rational things like feelings, and the stuff some of us like, and the things some of us hate, and notions we’ve held about the value of journalism (as an ex journalist and even an ex-sports editor, among other things, I have a boatload of baggage in that department) get involved…

      So, how about this weather, huh?

  2. Sheryl says :

    “All good points. I’m probably completely incorrect. ^_^”

    I thought about saying “Naw” and disagreeing, which somehow felt like too much irony overload. So, instead…

    “So, how about this weather, huh?”

    How about it, indeed? 😉

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