Friday Links (run-away pig edition)

CGix63AUkAEYIvAIt’s Friday! The first Friday in June. Happy Queer Pride Month! I’m still limping around a lot thanks to some torn ligaments in my ankle and foot. But I’ve been steadily improving (elevation and ice are my new best friends)!

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared. Sorted into categories with headings so you can skip more easily:

Link of the Week

Minnesota Cordially Invites You To Come Gay It Up With Your Hot Dish Husband.


New Images of Pluto from New Horizons Gradually Reveal More Detail.


Ultraviolet study reveals surprises in comet coma.

Australian experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness.

Pluto and Its Moons Are Weirder Than We Thought.

Solved: The Riddle of the Nova of 1670.

What Will New Horizons See — and When?

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

MIND MELD: Genre Awards: What are They Good for Anyway?

‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols suffers stroke.

“Just this one teensy, tiny little change…”.

Madeline Ashby: Fiction Writer and Futurist.

Nichelle Nichols Recovering From Stroke.

Political/culture war news:


Thoughts on The Kipnis Clown Show and the Drama of University Life. “In other words, Kipnis wrote a sharp-tongued, one-dimensional caricature of university sexual assault and trigger warning activists at Northwestern. And they turned around and proved her one-dimensional caricature 100% right.”

America’s grand historical deception: Why it pretends White Supremacy no longer exists.

Minnesota Woman Terrorizes Muslim Couple.

The Daily Show Blasts Media’s Dismissive Coverage Of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign.

Garbage collectors are more likely to die on the job than police patrol officers.

When “Religion” Is Just Bigotry.

Once Again, Mike Huckabee Proves That Republicans Don’t Know Anything About the Constitution.

The Real America. “Younger and/or foreign readers may not recall how big a role the alleged moral superiority of small-town America used to play in conservative politics (and still does, to some extent)…”

Imagine If Muslims Surrounded A Christian Church In The US With Assault Rifles During Prayer Time.


Pastor Tells Graduating High School Seniors They Will Go To Hell If They’re Gay.

Yes, Bush helped create ISIS — and set up the Middle East for a generation of chaos.

Black family faces jail time for cheering teen at a Mississippi high school graduation.

Rick Santorum Wants Pope Francis To Stop Talking About Climate Change.

School kitchen manager: I was fired for giving lunches to hungry students.

You Can Be Prosecuted for Clearing Your Browser History.

Duggar Endorsements Disappear From Huckabee’s Campaign Site. Imagine that…

This Week in Sexism

These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point.

mad max – what is okay and what is not. “The single biggest thing I walked away with, though, was that the realisation that its philosophical assumption that women shouldn’t be sex slaves is what really caused the the misogynist/”manosphere”/return-of-kings crowd to explode.”

The “Fake Geek” is Not The Problem When It Comes to “Fake Geek Girls” by Chris Brecheen. I think I linked to this last year, but it came across my screen again, and it’s worth re-reading from time to time.

I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free.

News for queers and our allies:

North Carolina governor vetoes bill on religious objection to gay marriage.

And while the state senate moved quickly to vote to override the veto: Gay marriage override vote in NC House pushed back again. They’ve rescheduled several times because they’ve lost some votes. Couldn’t possibly be because national media has pointed out that the anti-gay marriage measure could also be an anti-interracial marriage result, among other things…

Va. Family Drops Charges Against Trans Woman Arrested for Aiding Their Suicidal Trans Son. “I never imagined helping teens or others would come to something like this,” said Julianna Fialkoswki, who alleges mistreatment from Lynchburg police.

Catholics are way more supportive of marriage equality than people think.

Covering a parade is not covering a community: 5 things to keep in mind this Pride Month.

Why Do Comic Books Mean So Much to Some Queer People? – Queers and Comics Meet at Flame Con.

‘Therapists’ Called Clients ‘Fags,’ Made Them Strip in Gay Conversion Therapy.

Pastor Warns Gays Are Becoming Too Powerful, Turning Entire Generations Bisexual.

IN Guv Issues Pride Welcome, Forgets LGBT People.

“God” Purchases Two “God Loves Gays” Billboards in Utah For Pride Month.

how prom became queer.

‘Intolerant Jackass Act’ Proponents Can Begin Collecting Signatures. While the status of a “Sodomite Suppression Act” proposed state ballot initiative remains in limbo, proponents of a rival “Intolerant Jackass Act” initiative were cleared by state Secretary of State Alex Padilla to begin collecting signatures Wednesday. The rival initiative would force the filer of the Sodomite Suppression Act or any similar initiative to attend sensitivity training and donate $5,000 to a pro-gay or pro-lesbian organization. When Huntington Beach attorney Matt McLaughlin filed the Sodomite Suppression Act earlier this year, which would make homosexuality punishable by death, it set off a nationwide backlash for its evident hatred and dubious constitutionality. Attorney General Kamala Harris sought a court injunction rescinding her obligation to prepare a title and summary for the initiative, a necessary step before proponents can begin gathering the 365,880 signatures necessary to get it on the ballot.

The obligatory Sad Puppies/Hugo Awards update:

This JUST In. There is a game children play—or more often, try to play at—when they are caught doing something they know they shouldn’t. It’s called “I WAS JUST”.

Pink SF and Puppies.

Why Guardians?

And other news:

US airport screeners missed 95% of weapons, explosives in undercover tests.

Web Decay Graph. “I’ve been writ­ing this blog since 2003 and in that time have laid down, along with way over a million words, 12,373 hyperlinks. I’ve noticed that when something leads me back to an old piece, the links are broken disappointingly often. So I made a little graph of their decay over the last 144 months.”

Wayward pig gets ride in police car, poses for epic photo.

Things I wrote:

Blurring patriotism into….

Achieve my goals with this one weird trick.

Colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky, also on the faces of people passing by.

Citizen of the (two-fisted) Galaxy: more of why I love sf/f.


Funny or Die – The Duggars Respond To Sexual Abuse Scandal:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

MIKA – Good Guys:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Will Young – Love Revolution:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Rachel Lark :: Gay Man on the West Coast :: Live @ Bawdy Storytelling (NSFW, but funny as heck!) “I wanna be normal for having orgies, and radical for having kids…”:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

NYC Pride Month 2015 Ad:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Neon Trees – Songs I Can’t Listen To:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Jennifer Hudson – I Still Love You (a wedding music video that made me cry):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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