Weekend Update – 6/6/2015

BettyBowers.Com (Click to embiggen)

BettyBowers.Com (Click to embiggen)

I missed this before Friday. InTouch magazine posted a fact-check/refutation of seven of the claims the Duggars made in the interview: DUGGAR INTERVIEW: 7 CRUCIAL FACTS THEY DIDN’T TELL YOU — THE COVER-UP CONTINUES. Contrary to one of their biggest claims, they did not cooperate with policy. They hid their son and refused to bring him in for scheduled interviews. Much more at the link. On the other hand, Dan Savage interviewed a therapist who works with juvenile sex offenders to find out how parents who find out their child has sexually abused another child ought to handle the situation: What Should the Duggars Have Done?

And the scandal surrounding former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert paying millions in extortion money is beginning to turn up names: Exclusive: Alleged Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse Victim Is Named By Family. This is not the victim Hastert was paying off because this victim died of complication of AIDS many years ago, but if the allegations of the family are true, it confirms our worst fears: when Hastert was a High School wrestling coach he was having sexual relationships with his students. Again, I ask is there any reason that we don’t just all assume that whenever a politician, pastor, or other sort of public figure is rabidly anti-gay that they are also a deeply twisted closet cases?

And all sorts of interesting things are bubbling around since Vanity Fair put Caitlyn Jenner on the cover: For Social Conservatives, Acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner Is the Apocalypse. Though the writing has been on the wall regarding societal acceptance of marriage equality for some time (NOM has a plan; and some snowballs plan to summer in hell, too), the wingnuts have been pivoting to trans issues as a means to drum up fear and much-needed donations to their think tanks, et al. The way that Caitlyn’s transition has been embraced by a significant fraction of the population is making their heads explode (Their rhetoric has turned macabre and concerning). I think a lot of them really do believe the insane hyperbole they are spewing, but many of them know it is not the end of the world, and are much more worried about preserving their cash flow. Otherwise they might have to actual work for a living, right? Then there’s things like this: Man learns amazing lesson in irony after mocking Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘bravery’ in viral Facebook post.

And here’s a nice follow-up on a story I posted a link to earlier: Larry Wilmore Lets Gay Student Give Banned Valedictorian Speech On-Air (VIDEO). Watch the clip for context and a fun intro. They only show part of the speech on the show, but the entire speech is available on the web: EVAN YOUNG’S COMPLETE GRADUATION SPEECH.


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