Weekend Update – 6/20/2015

DeMarko_Gage_2015-Jun-18I know how easy it is to obsess over a horrific story like this. But the nine people who were murdered in a hateful act of racist terrorism in a historic church this week deserve to be remembered. And we can’t solve problems like racism if we don’t confront the problem.

Charleston shooting victim Tywanza Sanders ‘died trying to protect his elderly aunt.’

Why South Carolina’s Confederate flag isn’t at half-staff after church shooting.

NRA Dude Identifies Real Charleston Shooter. Surprise, It Was The Black Pastor!

Black People Aren’t Making Things Up: The Science Behind ‘Racial Battle Fatigue’.

Relatives of victims offer forgiveness at bond hearing for suspected Charleston gunman.

BarackObama_2015-Jun-19Charleston church shooting massacre: Who are the victims?

Republican State Representative Will Introduce Bill To Remove Confederate Flag From South Carolina Capitol.

Anything But Race: Right-Wing Pundits In Denial Mode Following Charleston Shooting.

Southern Baptist’s Russell Moore: It’s time to take down the Confederate flag.

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