Goal durn it!

CF51L2BW0AAgFsZWhen I set my goals for this year, I pledged to continue the things I thought worked last year (which includes posting regular updates) and added some new things. It’s a new month, so here’s the next report!

So, how did I do…?

First, my specific goals for June were:

  • Either find those doodles and scripts I had started for some Deer Me fan strips and send them to Sky, or write some new ones. Done!
  • Make sure that Date Night does not become a casualty of our busy weekends. (And go see Mad Max!) Saw the movie, had a few date nights early in the month. We’ve gone out other times, but it doesn’t always feel like date night when our primary motivation is we want to sit in an air-conditioned restaurant because it’s too hot to cook.
  • Write at least four blog posts about things I like rather than ranting. Done! And I without posting a Sunday Funnies post (though I need to do one of those again soon).
  • Finish fixing the gaping plot hole in book two and have a new chapter to read at Writers’ Night. I barely did this, though I re-wrote one scene three times in the last 24 hours before Writers’ Night… and it still didn’t quite work.
  • Get the late project finished and uploaded. *sigh* No.
  • Have fun with my father-in-law when he’s in town. We had a lot less time with him than expected. And I think my hubby’s frustration with the poor planning and significantly withheld information neutralized much of the fun.

And how about the more general goals for the year? Each goal is paired with some specific tasks based on the notion of trying to replace a bad habit with a good one:

Write more, rant less. My tasks are: listen to non-political podcasts or audiobooks every week; spend at least one lunch break a week reading one of my ebooks instead of the news; continue to spend at least half of my lunch break writing; give myself a monthly quota of blog posts about things I love; set specific monthly writing goals in each check-in.

I listened to many episodes of The Sewers of Paris and The Savage Lovecast, and spent a lot more time experimenting with Spotify playlists, then the last few days Apple Music. I’ve continued reading various Hugo Award nominees, and even got some time in on my current ebook. The good news from the Supreme Court helped a lot. Unfortunately, some of the bad news (and the way some relatives reacted to the good news) fueled a lot of pent up frustration. Still, I suspect that I was less outraged this month than I would have been if I didn’t have these other habits in place.

Take care of myself. My tasks are: get back in the habit of waking up on weekends at nearly the same time as work days; get back in the habit to making weekly meal plans together; get back in the habit of setting up my pill-minder every week.

I’m a little bit surprised at how quickly I have adapted the habit of checking my blood sugar first thing in the morning and taking my meds (which includes making a decision on the dose of insulin for the day) right after. I’ve also become more than slightly obsessive about logging my carbs for every snack and every meal (having an app on the phone for that helps immensely!). My sleep schedule has mostly been good. Since neither of us deals with heat well, we’ve been taking early evening naps in the air conditioned bedroom a lot, so that nudges the schedule around a bit.

But I think I’m keeping on track with this one really well.

Enjoy time with friends. My task is to make an effort at get-togethers to focus on asking leading questions and otherwise try to up the interaction.

Most of our get-togethers were for planned events, so there isn’t always a lot of visiting. So I’m not sure where to put this one.

Paint, draw, and make music. The one specific task is to draw or doodle some fan art for projects I love.

I worked on a t-shirt design (which I need to finish quickly!), and have been sketching a comic page for a project.

My tasks for July are:

  • Finish the Hugo ballot, including posting reviews of the remaining categories.
  • Write at least four blog posts about things I like, rather than rant about things.
  • Complete the edit pass on book one.
  • Complete the long not-quite-finished project.
  • Finish and ink the comic page.
  • Finish the t-shirt design, upload it, and offer it for sale.

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