Friday Links (rightwing freak-out edition)

CJadB0EUYAAy77Z.jpg-largeIt’s Friday! Because I took a vacation day Monday (therefore making the holiday weekend a four-day weekend) you would have expected this short week to be a bit of a romp. No, work was… well, one very disturbing thing and then a few more-than-usual chainsaws, plus the super hot weather and ongoing weirdness from a few homophobic relatives, leaving me exhausted and wrung out by the end. I am soooo glad the weekend is here. Even if I have activities scheduled both days.

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared. Sorted into categories with headings so you can skip more easily:

Link of the Week

Why the Great Glitch of July 8th Should Scare You. Because of technical debt (and if you don’t know what that means, this will explain it!)

This week in Heart-wrenching

Millions share story of Baby Doe found dead in Boston Harbor.


Don’t let this sort of thing happen again: National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-Child/1-800-422-4453).

When a Gay Man Loses His Dad Before He is Able to Tell His Truth.

Happy News!

Girl Scouts Camp Out on the White House Lawn.

Stravinsky’s “Illegal” Arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner” (1944). Thanks to MintRainbow1 for the link!

S.C. governor signs bill to remove Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. Video plays automatically.


University of Toronto Defends Class That Taught Anti-Vaccine Propaganda. I saw this linked somewhere as, “U of Toronto Becomes Laughingstock of Scientific Community” which is a better headline.

Saturn’s tiny moon Prometheus is a ring wrecking ball.


Cosmic Lens Reveals Hidden Regions of a Supermassive Black Hole.

Sperm whales can remember their friends over many years.

Mystery plasma blobs lurk in deep space and no one knows why.

Heritage Livestock are Vanishing Across the United States (Photos).

The Problem of Artificial Willpower.

Scientists Discover Fundamental Property of Light – 150 Years After Maxwell. Thanks to MintRainbow1 for the link!

Rings and Loops in the stars: Planck’s stunning new images.

What’s the Universe Made Of? Math, Says Scientist.

Mars Opals Found by NASA Could Contain Evidence of Alien Life.

Biggest Explosions in the Universe Powered by Strongest Magnets. Some long-duration gamma-ray bursts are driven by magnetars.

Giant heart spotted on Pluto in closest ever pictures of dwarf planet.

Scientists Discover One Of The Oldest Horned Dinosaurs. Animated GIF!

Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens: WE’VE ADAPTED OUR READING HABITS TO FIT OUR SCREENS, BUT AT A COST.

Brain-Linked Monkeys Form Superorganism, Deftly Control Robotic Arm.

Exploding star breaks record for brightest supernova.

Gentically Modifed Mosquitoes Battle Dengue Fever in Brazil.

Conspiracies all the way down: Is your local climate contrarian a kook or a crook?

Marie Curie’s Research Papers Are Still Radioactive 100+ Years Later.

Wolves and Monkeys: Unusual Hunting Buddies.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

CLANKY! I love the long digression about Diver Dan which was one of my favorite TV shows as a child.

Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution. I don’t agree with several points, and I think he overlooks some very important things, but still interesting.

Twilight of the homophobes: 2 ways anti-LGBT activists will respond to equal marriage in America.

THREE HUNDRED YEARS HENCE. by Mary Griffith, written in 1836.

Race, Speculative Fiction And Afro SF.

A Screen-Accurate Bluetooth Version Of The Star Trek Communicator Goes On Sale In January For $150.

Was 1982 the Best Year for Science Fiction Film? An Old TV Clip Says So.

VIDEO: Conan Hits Comic-Con® Mad Max-Style.

Culture war news:

Turning Teens who Have Sex into “Sex Offenders” — The Story Continues.

The numbers don’t lie. Since 9/11, more Americans have died at the hands of white supremacists than radical Muslim.

Republicans Are Too Angry About Gay Marriage: If the GOP wants to stay relevant, it has to become less hateful. There’s a big disagreement I have with the writer. He says that “fewer people are going to listen to those ideas if millions continue to believe that Republicans are intolerant of large swathes of Americans” which implies that Republicans aren’t actually intolerant, it’s merely a misperception. While I know some Republicans who aren’t, they are by far the minority–and that’s backed up by statistics, it isn’t just anecdotal.

The raging hypocrisy at the center of the Christian right’s persecution complex.

Jon Stewart Slams Anti-Gay States Resisting Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling.

Norwegian cops fired their guns twice last year and missed both times.

What Does Marriage Equality Have to Do with Dred Scott?

So Gay Marriage Biblically Offends You? Then You Should Read This….

Baptist Pastor Sparks Movement To Fly Christian Flag Over American Flag To Protest Same-Sex Marriage.

Yay For The Gays: Baylor University Removes ‘Homosexual Acts’ From Code Of Misconduct. I’m putting this here rather than under the queer heading because this doesn’t mean what you think it means. But I’ll write about that next week.

Kentucky County Clerk Demands His Bigotry Be Accommodated By The State Government.

South Carolina Senator Cries Hilarious Man-Sobs For Confederate Flag Bested By Gayness.

Video Of Kentucky Clerk Denying Same-Sex Couple Marriage License After Cops Called Goes Viral.

Northwest Ohio Judge Refuses To Perform Gay Marriage.

Why ‘Gay Marriage’ Is Dead but the Battle Just Became Much Bigger.

Jimmy Carter Says Jesus Would Approve Of Gay Marriage. (Video plays automatically!)

Cleveland Firefighter Investigated for Homophobia Toward Gay Kid in Viral Photo.

‘We live in theocratic times’: Right-wing Christians are claiming religious freedom to ignore any laws they wish.

Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Implies Gay Parents Are Pedophiles.

This Week in the Clown Car

5 Despicable Right-Wing Moments This Week: Bill O’Reilly’s Stupidest Statement Ever. My favorite: “Fox Newsian argues — with a straight face— that overtime pay actually hurts workers.” Thanks to Wildrider51 for the link!

Jon Stewart savors Donald Trump’s epic self-destruction: Getting mad at him is like getting mad at a monkey for “throwing poop.”

Top GOP lawyer absolutely scorches Ted Cruz: “Most graduates of Harvard Law School know” better.

Sarah Palin Abandons Subscription-Based Online Video Channel.


The Daily Donald: GOP now in full panic mode as Trump runs wilder.

All GOP presidential hopefuls decline speaking invite to America’s largest annual gathering of Latino leaders.

This week in Other Politics:

Five “radical” ideas Americans strongly support.

There’s a hole in his pocket; LePage’s folly lets bills become law.

Warren, McCain introduce bill to bring back Glass-Steagall. (Video plays automatically, sorry!)

This Week in Racism

The plague of angry white men: How racism, gun culture & toxic masculinity are poisoning America. I grew up in a very redneck family in very redneck communities, and I was taught: Guns are for hunting. Guns are for target shooting (so you can be good at hunting). Guns are not for shooting people! The only time I ever saw my paternal grandmater raise his hand to anyone was to deliver a slap up-side-the-head to one of my cousins when he pointed an unloaded rifle at his little brother. “You never point a gun at a person! Not as a joke! Not because you think it’s unloaded! Never!”

“OK, so what would convince you that racism is real?” I don’t hang out with white people I need to educate about white privilege. And then I started dating one.

Welcome to Night Vale Actor Uses Movie Edits to Call Out Hollywood’s “White as Default” Problem.

This Week in Love vs Racism

US Muslim groups launch fundraiser to help rebuild burned black churches.

White Supremacist Starts Legal Defense Fund After FBI Visit About Dylann Roof.

Federal judge cancels Washington Redskins trademark.

This Week in Sexism

Let the end of Cosby be the true end of ’80s moralism: Are we done looking for “strict father” figures yet?

Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume joke about sexual consent — but are furious over potential violations of men’s rights. Stopping rape is a laughing matter, but men’s rights is very serious business!

“The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy” is a Practical Look at Gender and Online Privacy.

News for queers and our allies:

The Impact of Marriage Equality We’re Not Discussing, But Should.

Dear America: Some advice from a country where gay marriage has been legal for a decade.

Zach Stafford: I’m starting to think that internal racism could be part of the higher rates of interracial coupling in our community.

The Surprising History of the Phrase ‘Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve’. Thanks to GayWrites for the link!

Mormon church split over rights for LGBT community.

Almost Everything You’ve Heard About The Anti-Gay Sweet Cakes Wedding Cake Case Is (Probably) Wrong.

What’s a skoliosexual? Dictionary of sexual orientations.


This One Graphic Powerfully Illustrates the Next Battle for LGBTQ Rights.

Oregon lawmakers vote to assist gay veterans apply for change in discharge status.

YouTuber Shane Dawson Comes Out As Bisexual in Moving Video: WATCH.

Jonathan Groff Dishes on Dating Zachary Quinto and Being Gay in Hollywood.

For gay high school swimmer, one tweet changed his life.

‘Not Love but Abuse’ — Why I Had to Leave Christian Evangelicalism.

‘It is kind of sad to me that we don’t have gay popstars singing about men’.

Goodbye Duggars; Hello — I Am Jazz.

7 Ways to Be an Awesome Bisexual Ally.

The obligatory Sad Puppies/Hugo Awards update:

Nerd Entitlement or: How to stop hating and accept diversity.

Hugo Reading – Related Work.

And other news:

I lost 100 pounds in a year. My “weight loss secret” is really dumb.


THE RISE AND SUSPICIOUSLY RAPID FALL OF FREEDOMLAND U.S.A.. Freedomland U.S.A., an American history-themed amusement park in the East Bronx, was demolished 50 years ago this summer.

Things I wrote:

Goal durn it!. Monthly check-in on my goals for the year.

Hugo Ballet Reviews: Related Works.

Hugo Ballot Reviews: Best Fan Writer.

Hugo Ballot Reviews: John W. Campbell Award & Dramatic Presentation.


One-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

I WANT A BEAR (lyrics NSFW):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

The Modern Electric – The Summer Of Lou Reed Official Music Video:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Happy Hippie Presents: True Trans Soul Rebel (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! :

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Years & Years – Shine:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Body Electric (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Kindness – Who Do You Love feat. Robyn:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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