Scene Essentials

Checklist of essential elements of a scene from
This is just one of many excellent worksheets to help you write to be downloaded from (click to embiggen_
I posted almost nothing all last week for a very specific reason. I have two very large editing/revision projects that have been dragging out for many more months than they should have taken. So I decided last week that,other than  Friday Links and another “more of why I love sf/f” post I usually do on Thursdays, I couldn’t spend any time composing blog posts. It was my hope that this would make me finish one of the projects.The good news is I did make more progress last week than I have been most weeks. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished either project. But because one of the projects is editing a novel, I have been using a few tools to help in that process, one of which is the checklist shown here. Jami Gold has made this—and several other worksheets you might find useful—available for download in .doc format here at her blog.

This particular worksheet is based on a couple of articles. One by Jami Gold, How to Make the Most of a Scene; and another by Janice Hardy, Rule of Three: No, the Other One. Either of which you might find useful if you are writing a work of fiction or revising such a work.

The cover of my copy doesn't look like this...
The cover of my copy doesn’t look like this…
And as I usually do when I recommend any reference for creative writing, you ought to check out Jesse Lee Kercheval’s Building Fiction: How to Develop Plot and Structure

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