Invisible? Difficult to see what others have erased

1442933694_celebrate-bisexuality-dayI had a topic queued up for this week’s Throwback Thursday/More of why I love sf/f post, but then I remembered that it’s Bisexual Awareness Week, which is an expansion of Bisexual Visibility Day, and I thought, maybe I should write about some of the sci fi stories that I remember reading in my late teens/early twenties that nudged me into thinking maybe I was bi rather than gay.

As I tracked those stories down over the last few days, I realized something: none of the characters in those books actually identified as bisexual. The characters talk about bisexuality as an abstract, in exactly the way a closeted queer person might with their friends as a means of tentatively sounding out the friend to see if said friend would accept them if you came out as gay or bi.

And then there was no actual coming out. No romance other than opposite-sex couples, et cetera. It was a little irritating. Especially since one of the rules I adopted about my “more of why I love sf/f” posts is that I want to talk about books, stories, authors, movies, et al from the genre that I love rather than focus on critique or griping. So I couldn’t write about those stories that I had misremembered as having bisexual characters without it turning into a big gripe session.

So I’m not going to write about them tomorrow. And other than that explanation, I’m not going to write anything more about them, today, either. Because today is Bisexual Awareness Day, and it’s is supposed to be a celebration of and for bisexual people, not a time for a old white gay guy to gripe about related issues. So I encourage you, if you don’t know why Bisexual Visibility Day exists, and is different that National Coming Out Day and why it’s needed, to read this: Bisexual Visibility Day: Why being a bisexual is not easy.

And you might find this interesting: Celebrating the ‘B’ in LGBT: A history of Bisexual Awareness Week.

And while you’re at it, take a look at this: Why Bisexual Visibility Is Important.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m not bisexual myself, but I happen to be married to someone who is, as well as having several other important people in my life who are bi. So I have at least an empathetic understanding of their struggles, and how some of those overlap with mine, while many are different.

Remember, love is love; shout it for the world to hear.

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