Friday Links (91-year-old badass edition)

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Thank goodness it’s Friday. November is moving along!

NaNoWriMo is taking up a lot of my time, so I’m not doing as much online news reading as usual. Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared. Sorted into categories with headings so you can skip more easily:

Link of the Week

Required Viewing: Maddow On “Kill the Gays” Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.

This Week in Diversity


Binders Full of Men.

Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and Hollywood.

Black Kids Will Save America.

News for queers and our allies:

Gay East Carolina Univ. diver left Mormon faith and became Baptist after coming out.

Double the Sex or Double the Pitfalls? How Does a Bi Marriage Really Work?

The Devious New Conservative Plan To Turn LGBT People Against Each Other.

Kansas Teacher In Hot Water For Showing Bullying Video Has Been Reinstated.

Happy News!

VIDEO: President Jimmy Carter Says He Feels Fine, Keeps Busy Despite Cancer.


When the Sun Went Medieval on Our Planet.

VIDEO: BMW Drivers Really Are Jerks, Studies Find.

Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Battle Spotlights 2 New Therapies.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

World Fantasy award drops HP Lovecraft as prize image.

Here’s What “Uncanny X-Men’s” Iceman Coming Out Scene Got Right.

Terminally ill fan who saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens early has died.

H.P. Lovecraft was always a terrible choice for the World Fantasy Awards. “Lovecraft wrote stories where books could usher in the end of the world. H.P. Lovecraft wrote stories where imagination would lead you to death and insanity. H.P. Lovecraft wrote stories where curiosity didn’t only kill the cat, but made the cat pray for death to a cold and uncaring universe. H.P. Lovecraft wrote stories where the only thing you’d find through the looking glass, at the back of the wardrobe, or out beyond the stars was madness, depravity, and despair.”

This Week in History

How did the first world war actually end?

Culture war news:

Mormon Church Nostalgic for Days When Homophobia Just Hurt Homos. “I’ve seen lots of painful things, but nothing so widespread, in terms of the devastation and heartbreak. I personally talked to dozens of people who are walking away. And these aren’t people with LGBT ties. These are ardent, faithful, in-the-box believing Mormons who can’t abide this,”

The Most Effective Argument Against Gay Rights: The conservative backlash to marriage and transgender equality is officially under way.

Starbucks’s red cup controversy, explained.

Cartoon: The right to an unfair trial.

Utah governor says judge who ordered child removed from same-sex couple should ‘follow the law’.

On Campus Racism And The Fairy Tale Of The P.C. Police.

50 Cent, Vivica A. Fox And The Absurdity Of Hip-Hop Homophobia.

This Week in the Clown Car

The real reason Donald Trump appeals to working-class whites: Racial animus only tells part of the story. Red-state voters really believe Trump is so rich he can’t be bought.

Ted Cruz will never “Let It Go”: The right-wing’s insane new fear of “Frozen”.

Poll: The more that GOP voters hear about Bush, the less they like him.

The Fox Business GOP Debate Was Boring — and Rigged.

Why Is the Media Ignoring Ted Cruz’s Embrace of ‘Kill the Gays’ Pastor?

AP: Carson Profits From Ties With Felon Convicted Of Health Care Fraud.

This week in Other Politics:

Rachel Maddow Dazzles And Puts The Republican Debates To Shame At SC Democratic Forum.

The Most Basic Rule Of Journalism. “Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina and the rest will argue that Who/What/When/Where/Why/How are all “gotcha” questions, but holding them (or anyone) accountable for their assertions — by demanding proof — isn’t a “gotcha” game.”

How Paul Ryan is already changing Congress.

It’s time to withdraw from the Middle East: Military intervention is only making terrorism worse. It’s time for a radical pivot.

Obama Administration Announces Support For Amending Civil Rights Act To Protect LGBT People.

Jimmy Carter gets optimistic update on cancer treatment.

This Week in Police Problems

Pseudoscience in the Witness Box: The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update – 11/7/2015: Children Being Failed.

Trying too hard to proclaim oppression….

Here comes the gloom again.

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month….

Cosmic Cringing – lovable sf/f made by less-than-lovable people.


Steve Grand – “We are the Night” ACOUSTIC – LIVE at YouTube Space LA:

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Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy:

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Baby Hitler Is No Match For Jeb!:

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5 Seconds of Summer – Hey Everybody!:

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Panic! At The Disco: Emperor’s New Clothes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]:

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