Weekend update 12/12/2015: Man(un-)splainin’

Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant (http://www.courant.com)

Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant (http://www.courant.com)

Yesterday I posted a link to some racist comments Supreme Court Associate Justice Scalia made about student admission policies of colleges. There is much that could be said, but this writer puts it best: Dear Justice Scalia: Here’s what I learned as a black student struggling at an elite college. It always amazes me how blind people can be to the ongoing social, economic, and educational effects that generations of racism has baked into the system. And how blind so many of us who aren’t people of color can be to the many advantages, encouragements, and other boosts we have received at every step of the way. But Miss Betty Bowers put it best:

In other news: A few weeks back I included in the Friday Links an article about the Associated Press’s investigation into cops who lost their badges because of sexual misconduct: AP Investigation Finds Approximately 1,000 Officers Lost Their Licenses During the Last Six Year for Rape, Sodomy and Other Sexual Assaults. It you haven’t read that article or a related one a couple of highlights beyond the headlines: only 41 states were able or willing to answer the AP’s questions about this. A few states don’t have a central repository for tracking which people are authorized to act as police or those who have had that license taken away. A few states that do claimed that there had been no such cases in the last six years, but then the AP turned up news stories in those states reporting specific cops who had been drummed out of the force for rape.

Anyone paying attention to police misconduct cases knows that there’s a tendency for the other cops to cover up or excuse even the most egregious behavior of their comrades, so it shouldn’t surprise us that some states claim they haven’t had this problem when there is clear proof that they had. Still, the most amazing thing happened this week: a jury actually convicted a cop of 18 of the 30-some charges of rape or related crimes filed against him: Sobbing Former Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Appears to Mouth ‘How Could You Do This’ at All-White Jury That Convicted Him of 18 Counts of Rape. Note that his defense is that the 13 women who testified against him are all lying. Never mind the DNA evidence, he’s a cop and we shouldn’t believe these women and girls.

He literally told the 17-year-old before he raped her the first time that no one would believe her because she was black and had a juvenile criminal record!

That’s enough of the bad news: I want to end this on a positive note. And here’s one: Calgary parents update mom’s tattoo to support their transgender son. Go look at the before and after pictures of the tattoo! And read the story. It’s so wonderful when parents are supportive of their trans kids!

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