Bikini armor madness

I’d had a half-baked idea for a follow-up to yesterday’s blog post, but then a friend posted a link to a tumblr that covers several of the ideas I was going to talk about in a much more funny way:

Bikini Armor Battle Damage The whole tumblr is awesome, but I want especially to draw your attention to three posts:

Not understanding the difference between fictional women and real women

Female Armor Bingo – includes downloadable PDF, rules, and links to t-shirts, mugs, and so forth with the bingo card image.

Bikini Armor Battle Damage: Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo – the perfect companion!

Thank you, Sheryl, for the link yesterday! You’d think, since I already follow The Hawkeye Initiative, Fake Geek Guys!, and Fake Nerd Guys that I would have already known about this, but no, I had missed it!

2 thoughts on “Bikini armor madness

  1. I’m glad to point you to it, then! As I said, I thought I’d discovered it through you; it certainly seemed like something you’d have been following. 🙂

    Ooo, and I don’t think I knew about Fake Nerd Guys yet!

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