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Oppressed Oppressors: Hateful, Angry Men

"Stop making excuses for hateful, angry men"
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I’m a news junkie who bookmarks stories all the time, which is why for years I posted a weekly round up of those bookmarks in a Friday Links post. I’ve scaled that back to the Friday Five, in part because by limiting the number of stories I post I don’t have to share quite so many outrage-generating stories. But sometimes it’s useful to share some of the less than happy news. If you don’t know about the people who are trying to take your rights or livelihood away, you can’t do anything about it, for instance. So this post is going to be about a couple of different seemingly unrelated stories of angry, hateful men in the news lately, along with some commentary. If you don’t want to read about that sort of thing, don’t click through. Otherwise… Continue reading Oppressed Oppressors: Hateful, Angry Men

Bikini armor madness

I’d had a half-baked idea for a follow-up to yesterday’s blog post, but then a friend posted a link to a tumblr that covers several of the ideas I was going to talk about in a much more funny way:

Bikini Armor Battle Damage The whole tumblr is awesome, but I want especially to draw your attention to three posts:

Not understanding the difference between fictional women and real women

Female Armor Bingo – includes downloadable PDF, rules, and links to t-shirts, mugs, and so forth with the bingo card image.

Bikini Armor Battle Damage: Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo – the perfect companion!

Thank you, Sheryl, for the link yesterday! You’d think, since I already follow The Hawkeye Initiative, Fake Geek Guys!, and Fake Nerd Guys that I would have already known about this, but no, I had missed it!

Homo devils in space!

A pair of bigots.
A pair of bigots.
In case you didn’t already know that neither Pastor Manning nor Pastor Driscoll are even slightly acquainted with logic, the last couple week’s revelations will make it crystal clear.

I’m not even sure where to begin. Pastor Manning’s most recently posted youtube video explains how NASA’s Voyager spacecraft proves that homos are perverts, with a long digressive rant about rectums. Pastor Driscoll’s supporters have been trying to distance themselves from recently unearthed postings on the church’s forums in which Driscoll explained that god created each woman as a special home for a particular penis.

You can’t make this crazy stuff up!

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