Friday Links (fear, hope, and listening edition)

New York Daily New cover speculating as to which awful, misogynist, racist, homophobic politician will be chosen as the running mate for the tangerine-skinned neo-fascist con-man.
New York Daily New cover speculating as to which awful, misogynist, racist, homophobic politician will be chosen as the running mate for the tangerine-skinned neo-fascist con-man.
It’s the third Friday in July, and it hasn’t been a great week. Maybe not as awful as last week, but plenty of scary and unpleasant things happening. I’m doing my very best not to think about that stuff at least tonight, because my husband and I are going to go see Ghostbusters, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway, here are links to some of the interesting things I read on the web this week, sorted into various topic areas.

Links of the Week

I Am A Transwoman. I Am In The Closet. I Am Not Coming Out.


There is Hope: Time to Follow an Indigenous Model for Peace in America.

And other news:

Amazon’s Chinese counterfeit problem is getting worse.

Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree’s garden, seize okra plants.

Surviving Suicide In Wyoming.

This week in evil people

Minuteman Militia Founder & Senate Candidate Chris Simcox Sentenced To 20 Years For Child Molestation.

Edmond man arrested at Black Lives Matter rally on terrorist hoax complaint.

This week in History

Congress Approves Arlington Cemetery Burials For Female WWII Pilots.


This Week in Tech

The Tragedy of Pokémon Go: What it takes for good ideas to attract money.

Google quietly brings its forget program to the U.S..

This Week in Diversity

One Photo Shows Why We Needed An All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot.

Don’t Praise the Designer Who Made Leslie Jones a Gorgeous Dress for the Ghostbusters Premiere.

An Open Letter on Identity Politics, to and from the Left.

This Week in Police Problems

Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no. There are two different parts to the “no.” First, portionate to their part of the populate, black people are nearly three times more likely to be killed by cops than whites. But the big difference is this: of UNARMED suspects killed by cops? Far more black unarmed suspects than white unarmed suspects are killed by cops every year.

NYC Man Who Recorded Eric Garner’s Choke Hold Death Takes Plea Deal, Will Likely Serve 4 Years in Prison.

This White Woman’s Shocking Account of Police Brutality Has a Lesson About Race in America.

FBI Confirms 2015 Was One Of The Safest Years Ever For Cops.

Man who Posted Alton Sterling Shooting Video Arrested 24 Hours Later on Fabricated Charges.

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings.

After Dallas Shootings, Police Arrest People for Criticizing Cops on Facebook and Twitter.

The Singular Trauma Of A Child Who Loses A Parent To A Police Shooting.

Sorry conservatives, new research from Harvard shows a profound amount of racism by police…not less of it.

Why it’s impossible to calculate the percentage of police shootings that are legitimate.

This Week in Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

Bob Fletcher Dies at 101; Saved Farms of Interned Japanese-Americans.

Muslim Man Hugs ISIS Militant Armed Wearing Suicide Vest Before Explosion, Saves Hundreds Of Lives.

This week in awful news

80 Killed in Truck Attack on Bastille Day Crowd in Nice, France. This one does not seem to autoplay the horrible video.

Scores Killed in Terrorist Attack in Nice, France. Also no video.

Unsealed Court Documents: Sandusky Abuse Allegation Was Reported To Joe Paterno In 1976.

Queer leaders of Black Lives Matter condemn deadly Dallas ambush.

This Goddamn Week: Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and the Real America.

NEWS‘I Hate Gay N****s’: Lunatic Posts Disturbing Video of Himself Pulling a Gun on Man He Thinks Is Gay.

This week in Topics Most People Can’t Be Rational About

The Case of Mark Hughes, Or Don’t Carry at a Protest.

Sen. Murphy leading effort to raise cash for pro-gun control candidates.

News for queers and our allies:

A country boy’s story about coming out: self-harm, suicide and Safe Schools.

Student scholarships grow out of move to ‘mourn’ same-sex marriage.

This teen’s family threw her an incredible surprise coming out party.

The Kindness of Strangers: An older woman comes out of a quarter century of stealth life to discover Trans Pride.

one man’s obsessive and historic collection of queer photography.

The Couch in Rainbow Colors: ‘L.G.B.T.-Affirming’ Therapy.


How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard.

Looking Down on the International Space Station. Literally.

Science reveals 8 plants that will purify your home.

A ‘slow catastrophe’ unfolds as the golden age of antibiotics comes to an end.

The quantum origin of time.

Scientists who found gluten sensitivity evidence have now shown it doesn’t exist.

NASA’s Juno probe beams back its first images from Jupiter’s orbit.

Astronomers discover new planet on the edge of the solar system.

Study shows what happens when you swap fat for sugar.

Here’s What Really Happens When You Digitally Detox, According to Research.

Mantis Shrimp Roll Their Eyes, But For A Good Reason.

Super-massive and supersonic black hole studied with the Sardinia Radio Telescope.

Rate of species decline ‘no longer within safe limit’ for humans, experts warn.

Why the turtle got its shell.

50 million year old mushroom found trapped in amber.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

Where has this Amazing Comic Book Art Been all My Life? This Belgian artist’s visions of a retro future are simply too beautiful for words.

I saw Tarzan and this is my review after some wines.

The world needs Star Trek’s progressive sexual future, and gay Sulu proves it.

Readercon 27: Confronting the fails.

George Takei Sets Record Straight on Gay Sulu Comments: Star Trek Actor ‘Delighted’ with ‘Daring Storytelling’.

George Romero Finally Getting Hollywood Walk of Fame Star!.

Ghostbusters Is the Movie We Need Right Now.

This week in Writing

Critics Suck. But Life Goes On: How to Deal With Negative Reviews of Your Work.

Author Blume doesn’t think of her legacy.

This is How You Find Your Readers.

Calling Emily Post: A Blogging Etiquette Roundup.

Review: Scrivener for iOS app is finally out next week, and it’s worth the wait.

Culture war news:

One of them is an animated corpse who scares people by reading from an old must book of gory made-up stories and wickedly relishing the ruin of others — and the other is the Crypt Keeper.
One of them is an animated corpse who scares people by reading from an old musty book of gory made-up stories and wickedly relishing the ruin of others — and the other is the Crypt Keeper.
Op-Ed: Christian Universities Can’t Have It Both Ways.

When Christian Schools Make Campuses Less Safe.

Here they are, the ‘enemies of equality’ for LGBT Americans.

Four Things You Need to Know About the So-Called First Amendment Defense Act.

GOP adopts “cure gays” platform plank.

Donald Trump Keeps Distance in G.O.P. Platform Fight on Gay Rights. “reviving a festering cultural dispute”

Contempt ruling upheld against Kentucky clerk against gay marriage.

In response to the Dallas police shooting, presidential flop and Donald Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson thought it provided a unique time to do some good ol’ gay bashing.


Emerging Republican Platform Goes Far to the Right.

Transgender bathroom issue headed to SCOTUS.

Opinion: Sorry Scott Morrison, but you’ll never be able to relate to a gay person’s experience.

This Week Regarding the Facist Clown:

For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance.

GOP war on porn: The same party that nominated a libertine for president is now calling your porn a “public health crisis”.

This week in Politics:

Totally Not Gay Advisor To Dr. Stabby Sued For Alleged Sexual Harassment Of Male Former Staffer.

Revised GOP platform includes measure for Trump’s Mexican ‘border wall,’ endorsement of mogul’s plan to ban Muslims, but lacks gun control reform. “…a list of priorities straight out of the 1950s…”

In Win for Senate Dems, Bayh Will Run in Indiana.

Obama Renews Call For A ‘Public Option’ In Federal Health Law.

The Democratic Party has moved left after Bernie Sanders’s run. The platform is proof.

Barney Frank Came Back To Congress And Ran Circles Around Everyone.

Victory Fund Statement on Donald Trump’s Selection of Mike Pence.

Welcome to the New Democratic Party.

Why Hillary Clinton’s ‘Extreme Carelessness’ with Classified Emails Isn’t Criminal.

Cleveland Strip Clubs Pumped for Trump But Brace for Violent Protests.

This Week in Racism

Sarah Palin: Media Must ‘Quit Claiming’ Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Are People’.

Sen. Tim Scott reveals incidents of being targeted by Capitol Police being target.

‘Classic intimidation’—Black Lives Matter activists targeted by FBI ahead of RNC.

This Week in Feminism

The Logic of Misogyny.

This Week in Misogyny

Stop Treating Emotions Like Character Flaws Of The Powerless.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 7/9/2016: anti-trans law not going to ballot, shooter stopped.

Sunday Funnies, part 19.

Sausage making: my history with presidential nominees.

Rough, manly sport, part 6.

It’s about time – why Star Trek’s Sulu reveal is overdue.


Hear Every 2016 Song of the Summer in One Perfect Mash-Up:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Shim El Yasmine – Mashrou’ Leila (Beirut-Based Band That Challenges Homophobia) Live in San Francisco:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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