False equivalency and taking a page from J. Edgar Hoover

“The emails in question were, 1. Not from Hilary 2. Not from her server. 3. Not from her investigation.”

“The emails in question were, 1. Not from Hilary 2. Not from her server. 3. Not from her investigation.”

Trump is facing multiple sexual assault allegations, with a trial on charges of child rape scheduled for December, and just this weekend he specifically urged his supporters to vote multiple times (in violation of law) after spending weeks claiming the system was rigged, and has urged his supporters to commit voter intimidation. But what is everyone talking about? A vague, misleading, and possibly illegal statement by the FBI director about emails supposedly related to the previous email investigate which found no evidence of illegal activity. Emails that no one has actually looked at. Emails that they haven’t even gotten a warrant to look at, yet. Emails that to the best of our knowledge aren’t from Hilary at all. It’s just that a computer owned by the husband of a staff member may have also been used by the staff member to access email accounts which might have been related to her past job on Hilary’s staff.


Eric Holder: James Comey is a good man, but he made a serious mistake

Oh, for the Love of God: The New Hillary-FBI Thing Involves the Anthony Weiner Sext Investigation

Comey’s So-Called ‘Reopening’ Of Clinton Email Probe Is Likely Just False Hope For Trump

FBI Director James Comey has no warrant to search the emails referenced in his “improper, irresponsible, and possibly illegal” letter to Congress and no idea what’s in any of them, Yahoo News reports

Even Republicans are saying this is crazy: Former Ethics Counsel to Bush Files Complaint Against FBI Director for Latest Disclosures on Clinton Email Probe

But really, this says it all (red insertions by Judd Legum based on actual known facts):

Click to embiggen

Click to embiggen

And for once I’m agreeing with a bunch of pundits: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Resignation is too good for James Comey

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