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©2017 Mike Luckovich: String theory
©2017 Mike Luckovich: String theory
I’m not going to watch the inauguration. I don’t particularly feel like even appearing to be cheering while a facist ignoramous is sworn in and begins to dismantle everything that actually makes America worth living in.

I recognize that most of my readers are just as troubled by this development as I am. And you’re probably all as tired of being outraged over it. So instead of including all of the following links in my usual Friday round-up, I’m doing separate posts. Behind the “Read More…” link below, you’ll find posts related to the new occupant of the White House and his enablers, the Congressional Republicans. On the other hand, if you want the mostly trump-free Friday Links, go there instead.

This Is Why You Don’t Kiss The Ring.

Bruce Springsteen cover band cancels plans to play at Trump inauguration gala.

The News Media Has to Change or It’ll Get Steamrolled by Trump.

After Plagiarism Reports, Monica Crowley Won’t Take White House Job.

Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump, and Angry Men Who Don’t Understand Journalism.

Can You Trust Trump’s Approval Rating Polls?

Stern Says Trump’s Hot Mic Comments Were Definitely Not ‘Locker Room Talk’.

Betsy DeVos “never believed” in conversion therapy, but donated millions to organizations that do.

Killing ObamaCare will literally kill people.

More than 1,600 factory workers are being fired after Trump said he’d save their jobs — here’s what they have to say.

Is Donald Trump Writing His Inaugural Address From a Mar-a-Lago Receptionist’s Desk? An Investigation.

Pro-LGBTQ protest dances all the way to Mike Pence’s doorstep.

Only White Americans Think Favorably of Trump—4 Fascinating New Poll Findings.

The Preachers On Trump’s Inaugural Podium.

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