Friday Links (crayons of all kinds editions)

“We are all a little broken. But last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same.”

“We are all a little broken. But last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same.”

We had an extremely productive holiday weekend, getting a lot of errands and unpacking done. There’s still a lot to do. I hoped to continue the work weeknights this week, but we had another impossible deadline at work this week, which meant I worked really long hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and a bit of Thursday. That also means that this week’s collections of links may be a bit smaller than usual.

Anyway, here are the links I found interesting this week, sorted into categories.

Links of the Week

The stolen childhoods of Kashmir in pencil and crayon.

Cat is summoned for jury duty in Boston; court rejects owners’ appeal to disqualify him.

Barack Obama beats Donald Trump as Gallup’s ‘Most Admired Man of 2016’.

Let’s talk about crayons!

In case you missed it a couple of months ago: Color us sad: Crayola is retiring the dandelion crayon.

Retiring Crayola Crayon makes farewell stop in Little Rock.

And now the replacement: Discovered in a Lab, a New Superblue Will Be Unleashed Upon the World as a Crayola Crayon.

This week in hate crimes

Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist.

Portland mayor says MAX attack an act of terrorism. Yes: white, christian terrorism inspired by the Deplorable One

Young father run down, killed in Grays Harbor County campground confrontation. Let me correct that headline: it was not a confrontation, it was a hate crime

Suspect in hit-and-run that killed Quinault tribal member charged with manslaughter, vehicular assault.

The Portland Heroes Who Stood Up To Hate.

Portland MAX hero’s last words: ‘Tell everyone on this train I love them’.

‘Never seen anything like this’: Inside Indonesia’s LGBT crackdown.

White Calif. Man Charged With Hate Crime After Stabbing Black Man With Machete: Report.

This Week in Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

Muslim groups raise nearly $500,000 for families of ‘Portland heroes’ – It only took 5 hours to shatter their initial $60,000 goal.

News for queers and our allies:

Mom of genderqueer teen writes touching email to college student about photo shoot.

Gay Pride Celebrations Worldwide to Honor Orlando, One Year After Pulse Nightclub Attack.

Rainbow Playbills Take Over Broadway as Fourth Annual Playbill Pride Kicks Off.

What Not To Do, When Calling Yourself a Transgender Ally.


‘Boy Erased’ is a heartbreaking memoir about the journey of self-acceptance.

Federal Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Transgender Student.



Bright spots on our moon could be frost, says NASA.

Video: Astronaut shows the proper way to eat pudding in space.

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus Will All Be on Display in June.

Dinosaur embryo returned to China, but many fossils fall victim to illegal trade and poor protection.

It turns out that we may have more than five basic tastes.

Draper’s Genetically Modified Cyborg DragonflEye Takes Flight.

‘Scrappy’ skeleton hints earliest primates hung out in trees.

One of Crispr’s Creators Faces Her Fears.

Scientists Created Artificial Nanoparticles That Can Communicate With Each Other.

Complex Brain Evolution In Vertebrates Likely Began With Two Simple Parts, Not Three.

A third detection of gravitational waves is changing our understanding of black holes.

Scientists Have Discovered a Brand New Type of Neuron.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

Queer Fantasy Roots: The Changing Role of Amazons.

Us Versus Them, or What Happens When SF Fandom Can’t See Past Its Own Blinders.

‘Wonder Woman’ Lassos Best Rotten Tomatoes Score of Any DC or Marvel Movie.

This Week in Tech

Why I can’t/won’t point to Facebook blog posts.

John Gruber agrees and gives more points: F–k Facebook.

Culture war news:

Washington State Blocked a Black Woman From Selling Legal Pot Because Her Spouse Is in Priso.

House Overwhelmingly Supports Bill Subjecting Teen Sexters to 15 Years in Federal Prison.

Let’s talk about Native American Voter Suppression.

This Week Regarding the Lying Liar:

Hacks, Leaks, and Tweets: Everything We Now Know About the Attack on the 2016 Election.


No, the “grown-ups” won’t save us: A favorite Beltway fantasy bites the dust again.

This Week in Racists, White Nationalists, and other deplorables

“March Against Sharia” Intended for Portland Is Headed for Seattle Instead.

A Few Things Got Left Out of The Daily Caller’s Report on Confederate Monument Rally – Daily Caller hired white supremacist to cover demonstration by white supremacists.

I Met the White Nationalist Who Says Trump Made Him Rough Up a Protester.

More Than An Occasional Crank: 2,012 Times the Center for Immigration Studies Circulated White Nationalist Content.


Frank Deford, NPR’s Longtime Philosopher Of Sports, Dies At 78.

Frank Deford’s Wicked Grace.

Pierce Brosnan Writes Tribute to Roger Moore: ‘We Fell in Love With a Magnificent Actor’.

In Unmourned Departures:

In Panama, many indifferent to former dictator Noriega’s death; relatives of Noriega’s victims many will never know what happened to the presumed dead.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 5/27/2012: Elected bullies behaving badly.

It used to be called Decoration Day… (or, Memorial for Grandma).

While we’re on the subject of Memorial Day….

Achievement unlocked: No Shuttling Weekend! (And we can haz library?).

Weather shifts, linguistic relativity, and the search for the perfect writing beverage.

Odd, strange, eccentric — more adventures in dictionaries.


Mary Lambert – Know Your Name “Yes, I did make the nerdy queer version of “Bad Blood”.”:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan – There For You (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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