Friday Five (NFL hypocrisy edition)

New York Daily News: NFL owners shame the national flag with new kneeling policy. (click to embiggen
It’s the final Friday of May!

The number of times this week that I and my boss commiserated about how crazy work has been for months and months now is just crazy. I’m looking forward to having this three-day weekend so much.

It’s Friday! That means it’s time to present my Friday Five: This week you get the top five (IMHO) stories of the week, plus the top five stories of interest to queer people, and top five videos (plus notable obituaries and a recap of my blog posts).

Stories of the Week:

Former NFL player lays waste to the league’s hypocrisy on the American flag with one perfect photo.

The Boys Are Not All Right.

The Definition of Insanity: Maybe it’s time to try a different approach to mass shootings.

The FBI’s mountain of uncrackable crimephones was nearly entirely imaginary.

There’s a Reason Conservative Christians Are So Bad At Fact-Checking the News.

News for Queers and our allies:

GLAAD just published its annual report on LGBTQ representation in movies, and… yikes.

Stop telling us about LGBT characters in blockbusters – show us instead.

Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex.

Updated: North Bend High School principal removed in ACLU settlement. I wrote about this earlier in the week. Alas, a friend who lives nearby reports that local news sources say this deplorable Principal has been reassigned to another job in the district, not actually fired.

More Americans Than Ever Support Same-Sex Marriage.

In Memoriam:

A Guide to the Many, Many Books of Philip Roth.

Bill Gold Dies: ‘Casablanca’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘J. Edgar’ Poster Designer Was 97.

The Best of Bill Gold’s Movie Posters.

Things I wrote:

Sunday Funnies, part 29.

Wants to be rockstar, doesn’t want to make music, or How did he even get that gig?

Bigot Bulletin: Principal and Police Officer who harassed students at Oregon high school are both fired.

Don’t boo! Register to vote, confirm that you’re registered, show up, and vote!


Ryan Amador – Loverboy (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Black and White – Adam Mac (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Stephen Colbert: Nice Try Deep State, Trump Has You Figured Out:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Stephen King Got Blocked On Twitter By Trump:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Mike Pence:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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