Friday Five (schemes and denial edition)

Here we are at the fourth Friday in February! And tomorrow with be the fifth Saturday!

We had another mostly dry week. Some days very cold, some not quite as bad. Meanwhile, the world continues to fall apart. Sometimes I feel like Nero with his fiddle.

Meanwhile, welcome to the Friday Five. This week I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about deplorable people, five stories about the deplorable thug occupying the White House, and five videos (plus notable obituaries and some things I wrote).

Stories of the Week:

Earth has temporarily gained another moon.

Another Study Casts Doubt on Effectiveness of Trigger Warnings .

The Lost 110 Words of Our Constitution.

How the CIA used Crypto AG encryption devices to spy on countries for decades.

Coronavirus: The race to find the source in wildlife.

This Week in News for Queers and Allies:

Lesbian Teacher Wins $100K in Bias Case, Donates Thousands to Charity.

What the AIDS Memorial Quilt Means in 2020.

Men Are Tweeting #BisexualMenExist. Here’s Why That Matters.

Pentagon-funded study shows troops mostly oppose Trump’s transgender military ban – Trump said that trans military members undermines troop readiness, but this study suggests that his ban is actually undermining it more.

Disney+ scraps LGBTQ show ‘Love, Victor’ because it isn’t “family-friendly”. But movies were millions of people are killed are still deemed family-friendly?

This Week in Deplorables:

FBI Busts Atomwaffen Domestic Terrorists Around The Country – The foursome—Cameron Brandon Shea, 24, of Redmond, Washington; Kaleb Cole, 24, a former Seattle-area resident now in Texas; Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, 20, of Spring Hill, Florida; and Johnny Roman Garza, 20, of Queen Creek, Arizona—were arrested this week for targeting journalists and others with threatening posters delivered to them warning that “You Have Been Visited By Your Local Nazis.”.

2 Indiana pizza shops fined for not reporting delivery drivers’ murders.

Christian Men Behind Biblical Oil Scheme May Be Conning People Again.

Bernie Sanders Staffer Mocked Elizabeth Warren’s Looks, Pete Buttigieg’s Sexuality on Private Twitter Account.

Pete Buttigieg Denounces the Politics That Made Him Possible.

This Week in the Deplorable Thug Occupying the White House:

WH Moves To Screen Scientists’ Statements On Coronavirus. Should we be surprised given how anti-science this administration is?

Trump’s CDC chief faces increasingly harsh scrutiny – Early missteps on coronavirus, lack of a consistent message make the nation’s disease-fighting agency a focus of criticism.

Trump puts man who enabled Indiana HIV outbreak in charge of coronavirus task force.

Report: US health workers responding to coronavirus quarantine lacked training, protective gear.

Trump’s coronavirus lies: He doesn’t care if his fans get sick.

In Memoriam:

Katherine Johnson, ‘hidden figure’ at NASA during 1960s space race, dies at 101.

Smithsonian Curators Remember Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician Highlighted in ‘Hidden Figures,’ Who Died at 101 – An African American woman who battled workplace discrimination, Johnson performed crucial calculations to send astronauts into space.

Barbara Remington, Illustrator of Tolkien Book Covers, Dies at 90.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 02/22/2020: Scout’s honor and the price of abuse.

“Stardust City Rag” Begins Quite Bloody and Ends With a Bang, or Picard Goes On a Caper.

Not All Like That, part 3, or, If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, I Ain’t Talking About You.

Being a discerning reader, part 2: it’s okay to set your own boundaries.


Hometown Hospitality With Senator Elizabeth Warren:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Would LGBTQ Voters Elect Mayor Pete? | The Daily Show:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

MORBIUS – Teaser Trailer:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Curious – Mike Taveira (Official Music Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Ricky Martin abre Premio Lo Nuestro al interpretar por primera vez en TV el tema ‘Tiburones’ | PL:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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