Midweek Update 5/6/2020: It’s not peaceful protest when you bring heavily armed vigilantes

“The U.S. just had the worse one-day death toll from the coronavirus pandemic yet as states begin to reopen. Never Forget. They are reopening to force you off unemployment, NOT because things are getting better.”
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Models shift to predict dramatically more U.S. deaths as states relax social distancing.

Top US companies lay off thousands of workers while rewarding shareholders.

Since Georgia began ‘reopening,’ risk of exposure to coronavirus has increased 42% .

“The Black Panthers were arrested and labeled terrorists after they carried guns into a capitol building. These guys, doing the exact same thing, are called patriots exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Gee, I wonder what the difference could be?”
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‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists’: Trump destroyed for calling armed Michigan protestors ‘very good people’.

Hannity scolds armed Michigan protesters: ‘Dangerous’ show of force ‘puts our police at risk’. When Trump’s number 1 cheerleader agrees with the rest of us…

Majority of Americans Don’t Support Reopening, Poll Finds — as Coronavirus Continues to Spread. “…78 percent said they would not feel comfortable eating out at a restaurant…” among other things.

“If $600 a week is enough to make people to refuse to work for you, you're not a job creator, you're a poverty exploiter.”
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Profit Over People: The Meat Industry’s Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers.

Guest Opinion: Let the new normal be a better normal – The coronavirus pandemic has lifted the veil covering the pervasive injustices that corporate greed and exploitation have wreaked upon our nation and the world at large.

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