Tuesday Tidbits 8/11/2020: It’s a death cult

“You'd think that the BUT MUH FREEDOMS crowd would be shitting bricks over heavily-armed government goos disappearing people into unmarked vans and them them god knows where, I guess it's only tyranny when a black president tries to give you healthcare.”
Sad but true

Oregon Sues Federal Agencies For Grabbing Up Protesters Off The Streets.

Facts about voting: Trump can't ban mail-in voting through executive order. States run elections. Absentee & mail-in voting are the same thing. Only 143 criminal conviction for mail ballot fraud over 20 years. 16 top Trump officials voted by mail.

Trump Lied for Five Uninterrupted Minutes About Mail-in Voting During Virus Briefing – After being teed-up by a question from the president’s favorite propaganda network, Trump gave an incoherent, lie-filled answer that seemingly went on for days.

CNN Anchor Drags Trump Campaign Adviser: ‘You’re Just Saying a Bunch of Crap!’.

CNN Anchor Roasts Trump Campaign Flack For Lying About Her Husband: “Don’t You Mess With My Family”.

I say "Black Lives Matter" because "All" Did n't cover Black when they said "all men are created equal." I say "Black Lives Matter" because "all" didn't cover black when they said "with liberty and justice for all." I say "Black Lives Matter" because they're still struggling with the definition of "all."

Black Lives Matter movement sparks ‘collective awakening’ on marijuana policies – As racial justice protests swept the nation in June and July, some states and cities changed their cannabis regulations.

Black Lives Matter protesters beaten by pro-police group at ‘Blue’ rally – Video of BLM demonstrator being stabbed with an American flag at the rally goes viral.

Self-proclaimed KKK leader who plowed into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters found guilty – Authorities found KKK memorabilia, patches and guns in his truck.

“Let he who HASN'T raw-dogged a porn star just after the birth of his fifth child with his third wife cast the first stone.”
That means a whole lot of us can start throwing stones…

After Delivering Invocation at KKK Event, Rep. Will Dismukes resigns from position as Alabama pastor.

KKK-Loving Alabama State Rep and Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Forgetting Thou Shalt Not Steal.

Attorney: Dismukes has not considered resigning in wake of theft charge.

Jared Kushner encouraged the president to let the pandemic rage because he thought it would only kill people in blue states.
This is a crime against humanity…

Trump killed plans for a national testing strategy, because COVID-19 ‘hit blue states hardest’.

The Deaths of 150,000 Americans Are on Trump’s Hands – Trump and his lackeys are guilty of criminal negligence, if not far worse. Who will hold them accountable?.

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner Guilty of Mass Murder of Americans.

Trump’s presidency is a death cult – The fact that Trump and his supporters want us to tolerate preventable deaths from COVID reveals their true nature.

“'our' government did almost nothing to protect us while a pandemic was spreading and our economy crumbled--but mobilized everywhere overnight to beat us in the streets and militarize our cities. if their priorities weren't clear to you before, they should be crystal clear now.”

More Portlanders Share Experiences of Being Snatched—and Detained—by Federal Police.

Freelance journalists and live streamers face crowd control munitions, arrests to cover Portland Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

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