Tuesday Tidbits 8/25/2020: Acceptable deaths continue while stock market soars

“Dear Seniors who Support Trump, we get it, it's a hard call. On one hand he's underfunding your Social Security, jeopardizing your mailed prescriptions, and eradicating your Medicare. But on the other hand he did also advocate kill you in a pandemic to keep the Dow strong.”
It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone but him…

Trump Wants to Do the 1 Thing That Could Kill Social Security.

Trump promises permanent cut to payroll tax funding Social Security and Medicare if he’s reelected.

More than 176,000 in US have died of COVID-19; 57% of Republicans polled say that is ‘acceptable.

The stock market isn’t the success story Trump thinks it is – A surging Nasdaq and Dow doesn’t indicate a healthy economy.

“If Black Lives Matter bothers you because it doesn't say All Lives Matter, but Blue Lives Matter doesn't bother you, then what really bothers you is the word BLACK.”
Besides, there are no such things as Blue Lives… being a cop is a career choice, being Black is not.

We need Black Lives Matter. The police who shot Jacob Blake prove it.

‘Black Lives Matter’ messages washed away after protest groups clash over Allendale Civil War statue.

“This machine kills fascists”
The postal service may be our last hope against the fascist takeover of America.

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on Basic Facts About the Post Office.

Don’t reconnect mailing machines, Postal Service tells plants. Tacoma does it anyway.

How to Save the Post Office.

“Btw 'systemic racism' doesn't mean 'lots of racists in the system.' It means that even if there were *zero* 'racists' present, the system would still disproportionately harm people of certain races. It's baffling that lots of educated folks don't understand this concept.”
Important to know this concept.

Systemic racism has consequences for all life in cities.

The lack of Black leaders in New England college sports is ‘what institutional and systemic racism look like’.

How does systemic racism affect Black Americans’ access to capital?

“So when Trump decided to sabotage the USPS to slow down mail delivery, did he just decide that the millions of Americans who rely on the Post Office for the timely delivery of medication and drugs were a necessary sacrifice?”
Trump cares for no one but himself.

Postal Service delays of prescription drugs put thousands of American lives at risk – “Without it, people are going to die,” said a retired nurse in Michigan whose pain medication arrived late.

82-year-old Houston-area man left without heart medicine for a week due to USPS delays.

US Postal Service delays force Department of Veterans Affairs to shift prescription delivery methods.

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