Friday Five-Oh (plus ten edition)

“I'm not old, I'm FUCKING retro!”Welcome to the fourth Friday in September. September, the month when superior people are born, and this day in September is the on which extra-special awesome people are born.

I’m just a little bit prejudiced in that evaluation. Today’s blog post has a slightly odd title because today is my birthday. And it’s one of those big ones evenly divisible by ten. I am now officially a member to two different groups within the population considered at high risk in the pandemic. Yesterday I was in only one. I usually make a post on my birthday that ends with some words of wisdom. I decided I don’t need to do a separate post today, so you get the words of wisdom here: Taking care of yourself is being productive.

And now it is time for me to roll out this week’s Friday Five. This week I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories about deplorables, and five videos (plus notable obituaries and some things I wrote).

Stories of the Week:

The Village People Will Sue You for Saying ‘YMCA’ Is About Gay Sex.

‘Schitt’s Creek’, a ‘Celebration of Inclusivity and Castigation of Homophobia,’ Takes Every Comedy Emmy in Historic Win.

North Seattle and the Foghorns from Nowhere.

More than 200 retired generals, admirals endorse Biden.

Too much candy: Man dies from eating bags of black licorice.

This Week in Deplorables:

They couldn’t even wait until Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in her grave.

It’s propaganda, not hypocrisy: Republicans use lying as their primary governing technique.

Toobin: McConnell engaging in ‘greatest act of hypocrisy in American political history’ with Ginsburg replacement vote.

I almost believed for a second that Mitt Romney had integrity. How foolish was I? – We always knew Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell were hypocrites. But Romney gave us cause for optimism — before crushing our hopes in the most disappointing way.

‘It’s a Crazy Way to Run a Country’: How to Reform the Supreme Court .

In Memoriam:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and Liberal Icon, Dies at 87.

The Legendary RBG: The Judicial Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – By the time she sat on the Supreme Court, she had already wiped over 200 discriminatory laws off the books. As a justice, she wrote majority opinions in the most significant rulings of our time.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy, and the future of the Supreme Court, explained – Ginsburg’s death places her entire legacy in danger.

An inspiration and an example: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday, mourned in Valley.

Lee Kerslake, Ozzy Osbourne and Uriah Heep Drummer, Dead at 73 – Drummer played on Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 9/19/2020: What the F*ck Else, 2020?

Surviving the massive smoke plume, or the ninth plague of 2020.

Time for y’all to say hello to fall!

Confessions of an older homo devil, or, Some of us had baggage to deal with.

Unauthorized sons of Tarzan, or, how an almost friendship encouraged my love of sf/f.


Saying Goodbye To Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, An American Hero:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Trump and GOP Rush to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Despite 2016 Hypocrisy: A Closer Look:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

There have been 200,000 coronavirus deaths in the US. Fox News got us here:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

How Trump Is Planning on Winning the Election No Matter What | The Daily Social Distancing Show:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Finally, let’s close with the song that was number 1 on Billboard’s Top 100 on the day that I was born – Chubby Checker-The Twist:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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