Democracy is under threat from the White House? Must be Tuesday…

“Here is a picture of a cute puppy to show that not all of my posts are political. And the puppy wants you to know that Trump is a treasonous asshole.”

The Perils of Not Prosecuting Trump – Joe Biden is wary of a legal reckoning against his predecessor, but to let Trump go would be to sanction future corruption.

The state criminal cases are proceeding regardless of what Biden or his Department of Justice decide to do. It infuriates me that we got four years of Bengazhi hearings that never turned up any wrongdoing, but people argue that Congress should just ignore the violations of the emolluments clause of the Constitution, the bribery and corruption, the multiple violations of the Federal Anti-Nepotism Act, the multiple violations of the Hatch Act, ignoring when Russia put bounties on our own soldiers (and then lying and trying to cover up when it was uncovered), withholding medical supplies from states whose governors he was angry with, illegally sending troops into cities whose local government policies annoyed him, the crimes against humanity including children being left to die in cages…

I think at the very least Biden should call for the appointment of an independent counsel to look into some subset of the many treasonous things Trump and his cronies did.

You can’t let such blatant disregard for the law go.

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