Happy St. Patrick’s Day

“I send this lad and shamrock gay, With wishes for St. Patrick's Day.”
“I send this lad and shamrock gay, With wishes for St. Patrick’s Day.”

There are several blog posts I should be finishing. Instead you’re going to get a silly post. Because goodness knows we could all use a bit of silliness.

I’m trying not to be worried about the likelihood—thanks to so many people throwing off their masks and/or going out the bars and restaurants—that COVID cases are going to surge again in coming weeks.

I’m not going out partying. We’re cooking a beef brisket and staying home. Yes, I’m wearing new silly shiny green shamrock earrings. And my husband and I each have a silly shamrock-adorned mask to wear today. But I’m staying home all day, and he’s doing his usual workday then coming home.

Here is hoping that come this time next year, we’re all playing at being leprechauns and/or chasing after the end of the rainbow.

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