Friday Five (politics are morals in action edition)

Welcome to the third Friday of 2022!

It was again a weird week for reasons that just are too weird to go into.

Anyway, it’s time for another Friday Five in which I bring you: one story about something a lot of us were already thinking, another about the majesty of the cosmos, the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and out allies, five stories about traitors and similar criminals, five stories about haters, and five stories about the pandemic. Plus some notable obituaries.

This Week in Things a Lot of Us Were Thinking:

Howard Stern: Hospitals Should REFUSE to Treat Unvaccinated

This Week in the Universe is Awesome:

A Star-Producing, Cosmic Bubble Shrouds Our Solar System

Stories of the Week:

Opinion | An anti-Black backlash — with no end in sight

California salmon returning to old spawning grounds

Supreme Court rejects Trump’s bid to shield records from Jan. 6 committee

Here’s why some LGBTQ students in Utah say their health education is inadequate

Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

64 things Joe Biden has done for the LGBTQ community during his first year in office

Jim Obergefell, who gave name to landmark Supreme Court case, to run for Ohio House

Andrew Blaser makes U.S. Olympic history as the first out gay man in this super fast ice sport

The writer behind the new bisexual Superman has turned death threats into donations for LGBTQ youth

Gilead says counterfeit HIV drugs ended up with patients

This Week in Seditious Treason and Other Major Crimes:

Jan. 6 Suspect James Grant Sent Back to Jail After DWI Arrest

Proud Boy "Tiny" Toese Goes to Jail

Trump Family Gets Late Night Love Note From New York Attorney General

Oath Keepers stockpiled 30 days of supplies, rifles ahead of Jan. 6

Five things to know about the New York AG’s pursuit of Trump

This Week in Homophobes and Other Haters:

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: ‘Gays recruit children’ – The intricate networking behind a simple but ugly lie

These groups are pushing an anti-LGBTQ agenda disguised as health care

YouTube Deletes Ex-Gay Torture Rant As Hate Speech

After DirecTV dropped the channel, OAN host asked viewers to dig up dirt on AT&T’s board chairman

MSNBC guest skewers Kyrsten Sinema as type of white person “Martin Luther King Jr. warned us about”

This Week in the Pandemic:

Vaccination protects against Covid-19 hospitalization significantly more than prior infection, according to CDC study

‘Back Alley’ Advice Is Making The Pandemic Worse

"They used us as an experiment": Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID file federal lawsuit against jail

Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanes

A record 9 million Americans are out sick as COVID rates surge

In Memoriam:

Raymond Washburn, who rescued 5 people during Oklahoma City bombing, dies

Yvette Mimieux Dead: Actress Who Starred In ‘The Time Machine’ Was 80

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