Very Very Late Friday Five (don’t ban books edition)

This was supposed to post last week on the fifth Friday of 2022.

I was working on Friday Five for tomorrow, the first Friday in February when I found that I had never clicked "publish" last week. So I re-wrote this intro and here we go.

Anyway, enjoy what should have been last week’s Friday Five in which I bring you: two stories about someone putting his money where his mouth is, one poorly written essay that completely misses the point (I think), the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and out allies, and five stories about discrimination. Plus some notable obituaries.

This Week in Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is:

Neil Young’s Music Off Spotify After Joe Rogan Dispute Over Vaccines It is worth noting that Young knew which way Spotify would go, but he was willing to jeopardize what is reportedly the source of about 60% of his current income because he know that vaccines save lives. And he knows this in part because as a child he suffered from polio a few years before the first polio vaccine was available, and he was in a ward with other patients who weren’t as lucky as he was to survive it. Mr. Young put his money where his mouth was and took a stand against anti-vaccination lies.

Spotify Users Are Standing With Neil Young and Cancelling Their Subscriptions "Spotify shut down its live customer support page due to the huge numbers of people wanting to cancel their subscription" One thing the article gets wrong: it’s not just Neil Young’s fans. It is mostly a whole lot of people who barely remember Neil Young’s hits or even had to ask "who is Neil Young" but who didn’t realize how much money Spotify is channelling to anti-vaxxer Rogen until all the news outlets in the world carried the Neil Young ultimatum.

This Week in the Stories Whose Subheads Completely Miss the Facts:

The death of intimacy I’m not going to give you the sub-head… go read and decide…

Stories of the Week:

Orbital Insertion Burn a Success, Webb Arrives at L2 – James Webb Space Telescope

State says NYC restaurant can’t offer 25 cent drinks to fight January blues

The Devil in D.C.

Tennessee school board banned Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel ‘Maus’ from Holocaust curriculum I’v written before about how evangelicals’ support of the nation state of Israel does not mean they aren’t also anti-Semetic…

Documentary On History And Origins Of Music Of James Bond Pics In Works At Apple

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Lessons Learned as a Gay Son of Holocaust Survivors

People with older brothers are more likely to be gay according to experts

Florida lawmaker tells homophobic parent exactly what we all want to say I disagree with the headline. The lawmaker was way, way, way too nice…

Over 500 corporations back effort to support Equality Act. Does it matter? If they really supported the act, they wouldn’t donate money hand over fist to anti-gay politicians.

Cedar Rapids community rallies around inclusive statement after board member falsely connects it with child sex trafficking

This Week in Discrimination or Hate or…:

Ridgeland Mayor Demands LGBTQ+ Book Purge

Chasten Buttigieg: Florida’s Proposed Anti-LGBTQ Bill ‘Will Kill Kids’

Nick Kristof Wants to Be Governor. First, He Has to Be From Somewhere

Guilty Jan. 6 Plea for Michael Lee Hardin, Ex-Cop of the Year

Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines

In Memoriam:

Meat Loaf Dead: ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ Singer, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Actor

Cher pays tribute to “Rocky Horror” actor & singer Meat Loaf

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