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The jerk on the tube

Teen with gun held to his head.
A screen grab from one of the many videos posted last year by groups who kidnapped, tortured, and occasionally killed teens who were alleged to be gay.
So, during what is allegedly a serious news program, after others sitting at the table talked about the violent arrests made under Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” laws, and the hate crimes committed by private citizens (including murdering teen-agers suspected of being gay) who felt emboldened by those laws, the moderator asked a Republican strategist if she thought Russian President Vladimir Putin would punish any gay athletes, tourists, and so forth, at the Olympics. She responded with the following: “Can I just say that I’m so sick of sports? Someone came up this week and said, I am not gay and I know I’m going to get in trouble for this, but all of my gay friends thinks he [Putin] looks so buff in his shirtless photos.”

First of all, what kind of heartless jerk think that’s an appropriate response right after someone has talked about teen-age kids being tortured and murdered?

Never mind that it’s a complete non sequitur, do you really expect us to believe, Mrs. Wealthy Republican Campaign Consultant, that you actually have gay friends…? Continue reading The jerk on the tube